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Perversion Flames – Demo III (2019)

Perversion Flames
Release date: August 16th, 2019
Label: Independent

Here is a band that has been around for awhile but I to be honest and had wondered what ever happened to them as they have only released a few demos and singles in the past and was surprised when I read they released another demo last year and I will say that one is killer, I only wish I had known because its killer!

This new 3 track is a bit different as the production isn’t as good as the previous and they have taken a different approach here but it’s not bad as these tracks are pretty strong, it just took me a few listens for them to sink into me but the opener The Aberrant Signal is as good as it can get anybody will agree as this is a pounding number and the ripping lead near the end really brought full chaos to it. Anticosmogenesis is up next and a bit different but with a killer drum roll then the bass line this fucker is pure death metal with its slow pounding part then this fantastic sounding solo that really grabs you but you can tell the band has taken another way on their lyrical content as it’s all about the satanic shit anymore more on the mystical and horror side but this closer Flames of Perversion to me is the highlight on here as the band comes all out ablazing and simply shreds on all angles so its worth a listen.

The only let down is the production as it kinda took the feeling out of it in a way but hopefully some of these tracks get re recorded on a future release but still is good the band is still active in the end.

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