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Perseguidor – Globalización de la Destrucción (2021)

Release date: January 15th, 2021
Label: Diabolical Summoning Records

Here is a band that’s been around quite a few years now and its been awhile since I heard them as their music is quite hard to find and if you never heard them they deliver a tour deforce of speed metal and if you never heard them this release is a good start.

A demo of 7 tracks sung in Spanish and this opening track Sistema Perveso, just shows on what a ride your in for as this rips from the start and the vocals are sick and grindy as the production on here doesn’t get any better as all the instruments come in nice and clear, some excellent leads and a thunderous bass that can be felt, headbanging mania as it should be.

The beginning of G.D.D (Globalización de la Destrucción),is heavy as fuck! a heavy riff in the old-school way and an excellent drive to it a short and sweet one, Falsedad is filled with all these heavy riffs and the bass really stands out here with a tasty lead thrown in, pure energy great stuff!

Oculto Plan is the track that if it doesn’t move you you must be dead as this is an absolute killer a definition of speed metal at its finest, the band takes it to another level here and continues on La Sentencia as here the vocals really shine as has some heavy crunchy riffs and the leads just smoke.

More of a slower pace on Siglos de Dolor in the beginning but then just fires up and in for the kill as this insanity comes in and were on an onslaught of pure aggression that totally annihilates the senses as we go to the closer Consumo Material which has all the elements that have been heard through out this release, these guys play tight and it shows here a smashing closer to this gem of a release.

This is probably the best speed metal release I have heard in years, a must have release and should be heard worldwide this is kick ass from start to finish.

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