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Pentagram Chile – Past, Present and Future (2019)

Pentagram Chile
Release date: October 4th, 2019
Label: Cyclone Empire

Well its been almost a year now since this compilation was released and I remember Anton on a video saying he didn’t know if a cd version of this was going to be released, so I got tired of waiting and bought the vinyl.

This opens up with Evil Incarnate which was originally on the bands first rehearsal demo but here its redone and sounds excellent.

The Antrum is the only new track on here and is a well written that has the bands stamp all over it with this hypnotic riff in it that really stands out and some great hooks thrown in that made this one of the highlights on here.

There are three covers on here and this being an instrumental Anticueca #2 which was originally done by Violeta Parra a Chilean composer, singer-songwriter, folklorist, ethnomusicologist and visual artist. and the band puts its own flavor to it and it sounds killer.

Ritual Human Sacrifice, originally from the split with Unaussprechlichen Kulten from a few years ago is added here and glad they did cause I don’t have the original and that closes out side A.

Side B is live in the studio and both tracks by the band sound perfect, Sacrophobia is first up and will say the version of Profaner on here is my favorite version of this song, it just sounds more powerful on here compared to the earlier versions.

Well onto these covers a Celtic Frost (Dethroned Emperor) and Death (Evil Dead), all I can say I think they could of gone more deeper into both these bands catalogs and picked more obscure tracks as these have been done by so many bands now, could you imagine if they did “Suicidal Winds” that would of killed! Not saying these are bad but you know what I mean.

A good compilation for diehards of the band, I just hope there is another full length in the band in the future.

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Pentagram – A Story By Patricio Jara (2014)

Author:Patricio Jara
Publisher:Libros del Pez Espiral

Here is another great book and this time dedicated to the mighty Pentagram.

This covers everything that band went through from the beginning to the break up and how they got back together and what led to the recording of their full length The Malefice, It’s interesting as the author gets a full detail from all the members and others that were part of the band in its quest to get the band rolling.

As everybody knows Anton Reisenegger is the mastermind behind the band and here he tells a lot of things I never read before and the book is really one of those once you start you don’t want to put it down, the part of what happened that made the band break up is kinda fucked up as the band got tired of being spit on by the fans at their early gigs that just got to them and other shit that came along in that time, the band had great potential as their demos were huge in the underground tape trading scene from back then so they had a cult following but they never got that big break they needed, as other bands in S.America had, they could of been as huge as Sepultura or even bigger if they got that break but unfortunately it never happened.

One thing that was funny is he mentions that TV appearance on “Sabado Gigante” that Necrosis did was offered to them first but they turned it down and gave it to them because they had a feeling something might happen and if you seen it you know what I mean but they did some other show later that they ended getting the same kind of treatment but no footage of that has ever been seen.

So in closing,this book when I first seen it online I just had to get a copy as I’m a big fan of the band and by the thickness in the pictures it looked like a long read but it’s not as it is written in English/Spanish and that’s what makes it look big and it could of had more info in it as well like their discography and had more rare photos as the ones used on here have been seen before on other publications but it was worth it to me as it has some good stories inside it.

If you want to purchase you can get it from the publishers official website here.