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Ominovs – Demo MMXX (2020)

Release date: August 10th, 2020
Label: Putrid Prods.

Well really good to hear something new from this band as the first demo from last year really left and impact on me and it continues here.

For the ones just hearing this band they are pure Death Metal in the old school way and more on the Euro style.

And this opening track Paralysis pretty much sums up the sound the band has to offer and a great opener as this has all the elements really catchy riffing that strings you along, the vocals are superb, a few hooks that keeps this interesting.

More aggression on I Should Be Dead, from the start and some great guitar work on here as the track has some good hooks to it, the drumming is insane as the double bass drums are pounding on here and just the way it flows made this a pure gem.

Pleasure of Torture, the beginning really caught my ear as its catchy as hell and then the track goes into a more faster pace and then a breakdown that gives it even more life as the growls here really stand out and then it goes out in its righteous way, a bit different in all kind of ways but strong as an ox.

To this closer, Etereal Reality which comes out blazing but gets more on the heavier slower pounding vibe to it as it has a break in it and then the track gets even better as it goes, its long so there is a lot going on here through out the whole thing, a good closer.

In the end the band has nothing else to prove these two releases have shown that, I highly recommend this because its solid stuff that needs more attention, I just hope these guys get signed soon they deserve it.