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Oclofobia – Thermidor (2022)

Release date: May 22,2022
Label: Independent

So, this popped up in my mail today and this duo got a lot of praise on their debut EP from last year, both these guys are part of Svb Imperivm so they know what they’re doing.

And this must be their full length but no mention of it as six tracks make up this ritual, so it opens up with Okhlos, a strange intro to this as you hear a bunch of people singing then it goes right into the track, and you can hear there are low and high pitched that make it interesting, the pace is your typical black metal with some melodic overtone trying to seek in. Verbo is a bit different as this is more hard hitting the drums lead the way here, it’s a solid number just wish I had the lyrics to all of this.

Interesting intro to Mol√©culas as you hear some kids talking and one ask the other “What are you doing here today?” and the other answers back “For the liberty of the village which has suffered 30 years” but to the track this is a really good one, some really fast riffage and some of the tempos that are on here really gave this a feeling like no other, one of the highlights on here for me to this point, and it continues on Esquizofrenia as this is blistering with great lyrics that fill the atmosphere.

Inmanencia, another strong number that fills the release, great riffage and the vocal split makes it even more likeable, to the closer the title track Thermidor well this starts out with some spoken part but couldn’t make it out but from there it burst out and this piece fills in just fine, if you enjoyed this from the beginning it will finish it off just right.

I really enjoyed this I just hope it gets a physical release soon and needs to be heard.