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SAR – Neoclassical Instrumental Dark (2020)

Release date: April 17th, 2020
Label: Independent

Well here we have this instrumental band that goes under the name SAR which are the initials of Sergio Aravena Rivas (Diabolvs, Forahneo, Rebelion, ex-Denying Nazarene, ex-Torturer, ex-Necrosis) and this is their first full length and I was looking forward to this as their previous two EP’s just blew me away on how good this band is.

So as the title of the album says this is what you get on here 9 tracks, some previous released but pure enjoyment to my ears as this a bit different from most of the material I post on here but it deserves a mention and this release has all ingredients featured on the past releases some heavy riffs here and there and thrash as well and the track Ausencia takes the band to another level as its not your headbanging maniac track but a soothing one with lots of feeling, a total get away from the madness I would say but there are some great heavy hitters on here as well.

This being a trio the production is superb you can hear all the instruments in fine fashion as you can tell the band really put a lot heart into this production and I really can’t pick any favorites on here as this is all good, some great driving music or just something I would hear with a few beers in solitude.

But in the end I highly recommend this, the only downer is that its only available by digital format but the band says physical copies will come out but this band needs worldwide distribution as the first two are on cd and I would love to have these in my collection.

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