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Necrobastard – Massgrave (2021)

Release date: December 20th, 2021
Label: Diabolical Summoning Records

Here we have this death thrash band that has been around since 2007 and with a hand full of demos to their credit this is the bands first full length, earlier in the year a compilation “Deadly Resurrection” with their previous work was put out and there you can hear the evolution of the band, and that got me interested on what this release would sound like as the last tracks on that really showed how they finally found an impressive sound.

And it shows on the opening track Necromantic Nights as this comes out blazing with fast paced crunchy riffage and the vocals are straight on as later the track slows down but still packs a punch and it gets even more interesting on Deadly Mass as we hear a different approach here as it starts slow but goes into a pounding vibe immediately but then the roller coaster effect comes in as it has its ups and downs but keeps the intensity intact.

One thing I noticed is the tracks on here are pretty lengthy so a lot is filled in the grooves on these tracks but onto The Grotesque Roots of Civilization and this takes it up notch as this grabs you on all aspects as all the hooks on here made this one of the highlights so far, but hell it even gets better as Into the Burial Darkness is packed with aggressiveness to the max, that should please the bangers.

And I will leave it at that, as this is a solid release with other goodies to be discovered on the remaining tracks, the old school sound is splattered all over this, one you should definately check out.