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Mental Devastation – The Delusional Mystery of the Self Part I (2021)

Mental Devastation
Release date: November 26th, 2021
Label: Suicide Records / Blood Harves

Well, it’s been a few years now since we heard from this band and the thrash assault they deliver, and if you’re into thrash metal here is one you should plug your ears into, I’m not a huge fan of thrash these days but once you hear something that brings the spirit of the glory days back then I think it needs a push to reach more bangers.

If you get into the Bay Area stuff from back then this should catch your ears as it plastered all over this release and even hints of old Coroner and all the goods from the heyday.

Genesis, which is and instrumental opens it up with an acoustic part at the beginning but gets electrical at the end with this piercing sound, then this yell comes in on Ascension and were off to the races and this should set the pace on what you will get here, what really caught my ear is the bass really shines on the production so if that is your thing check this out and there is plenty of ripping solos so where all set.

Conquerors is another tasty slab as I got vibes of old Vio-lence on this one, and it has a gripping pace, and more on Labyrinth, here we get some chants popping up on the chorus and an interesting video was made for the track.

But I will leave it at that and will tell you the rest of the album is great! If you got into the debut, you would dig this, and it shows how much the band grew in that time off as this takes it up a level and we will have to wait till next year to get a worldwide distribution as it’s only available in Chile right now on Suicidal Rec. but Blood Harvest is releasing it Dec. 31 and when that time comes, I think this release will put the band on the worldwide map as it’s a solid release. Thrashers Beware! and this only Part 1.

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