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Martyrium – Children Scream for Mercy (2019)

Release date: June 30th, 2019
Label: Australis Records

From the north of Chile comes the bands second full length and for those who don’t know these guys play thrash and the way they do it is purely as good as it gets as this is some furious kick you in the face shit!

From the start with a cool intro then the band takes off and first thing I noticed was the vocal style which surely sounds like that traditional chilean style you would expect but the riffing on here is excellent and the chant “Eaten Alive” adds that special flare to it.

As I listened to this whole album it got better with each spin as these guys really have some great hooks in their tracks with some killer leads everything a thrasher would want, you get those crunchy riffs as well and I really like the lyrical content of these songs as well cause they deal with real life which is a plus for me and yes sung in english and easy to understand.

This whole album is solid and is one of the best thrash albums I heard this year, I can’t even pick my favorite tracks as all of them kill and just when I was giving up on the thrash genre comes this gem, oh yeah it’s definitely got that old school feel to it. give it a listen you won’t be disappointed, whole album is on Spotify.

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