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Maledictum – Sempiterno (2021)

Released: January 13, 2021
Label: Minche Mapu Records

A very interesting release by these Black Metal maniacs as this goes right into it as Abyecto comes at you like a storm of demons as its chaotic as hell as the vocals are pure insanity and the music as well as this has all these insane breaks in it, it took me a few listens to actually get the feeling, but it sunk in after few listens.

It gets better on Yo Sin Ojos as this is completely different but very catchy, the way the vocals are sung on this whole thing might not be for everybody but just listen to the music its fucking insane so many drives as this is all over the place but its really good, a whole new vibe to black metal and the production is perfect as you can hear all the instruments just right.

Roja Demencia is a long track and more laid back in a way but the sound is still there some really wild riffage going on here as this has some breaks that just keep your mind pinned to it as you wait to here what is next and it goes into Sangre del Cosmos a really strong instrumental and the way it was recorded it sounds like it came straight from hell.

And I will mention these guys really write some interesting lyrics as they show on Disyuntiva which is more on the individualism side of things, and this track has more feeling compared to what I heard to this point, lots of breaks that drive this in all kind of ways, more on Océano, the drums on here where the first thing that stuck out but the whole band shines on here as well, its heavy in its own righteous way and the ocean part added in really took this to another level.

The title track Sempiterno is another instrumental that has a great absorbing vibe to it, the bass really shines here as this hypnotic feel is written all over it as we go into the closer, Sé Quién Soy and a really good way to end this as the lyrics are deep as well a solid closer.

Like I mentioned earlier this might not be for everybody as the way the vocals are laid down here but believe me the music is something you have to hear, it really opened my ears, as its insane as it can get, give them a listen.

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