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Lux Nigrum – Ars Nigrum: Aur She-Ain Bo Machshavah (2020)

Lux Nigrum
Release date: September 17th, 2020
Label: Nocturnal Silence

A compilation of some of the bands earlier work, If you never heard this bands excellent take on Black Metal this release should be a good start.

As I been following the band its good to have all the material in one place, a very old school vibe on some of these tracks if you want to know how I feel about it.

The progression is heard no doubt and it still has that fresh sound as it goes and the vocals add more as they stand out.
if you like hard driving music this delivers on all cylinders.

Hearing this just reminds me I hope some new material is in the works in the near future.

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Lux Nigrum – Burning The Eternal Return (2019)

Lux Nigrum
Release date: April 12,2019
Label: Herejia Prods./ Street Metal Blasphemy

Lux Nigrum has returned with this new EP that has five new rituals with it’s own flare that come across with full vengeance and here Azerate the mastermind behind this chaos has stepped it up a notch as this has a new sound compared to the previous works and it really stands out on this EP.

From the opening track Solvet Cosmos In Favilla this comes straight at you with a pounding crushing sound as all cylinders are at full throttle and if you heard the band before you will notice the vocals sound very clear which was something that was kinda toned down on previous works but here they stand out clearly which makes this even more enjoyable but what really caught my ear is the drumming of D. Holocausto (Morbid Holocaust) this made the band even more brutal on this release.

I will say this is interesting even down to the lyrical content as they describe this as a manifest about the sacrifice of the inner self, the sacrifice of Ouroboros as a tyrannical representation of the eternal circle of life and death, appealing to the destruction of the duality that makes of every act an empty consequence, On which this this whole opus is based around.

By the way this is sung in english and to me has that old school feel to it which even brought more light to it, I highly recommend this to any true underground metal maniac,top tracks for me Burning The Eternal Return and Salve Azerate, this will be a limited release of 100 copies + sticker on tape and you can get it by contacting Herejia Prods at herejiaprods@gmail.com or Street Metal Blasphemy streetmetalblasphemy@gmail.com

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Lux Nigrum – Burning The Eternal Return (Advanced Tracks 2019)

The band has just published two tracks from their upcoming release which will be out on tape format in about three weeks on Street Metal Blasphemy/Herejía Prods.
Also the band is seeking a label to put this out on cd so if anybody knows contact the band.

After you hear these two this sounds solid as hell!

More info at their Facebook.