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Letalis – Bestia Oculta (2022)

Release date: September 7th, 2022
Label: Independent

Here is the debut by this female (Jacqueline Jara) fronted Heavy Speed Metal band, And from the beginning of the title track you can hear the band is pretty tight and this girl has some pipes on her, this is catchy even with the breaks the band throws in so not a bad opener and Culto a las sombras shows a heavier side of the band, more speed and aggression filled and it continues on Nací para vencer which has a killer drive to it and some ripping leads on here but it has a break in which the bass takes over but then goes into a frenzy, which closes it out, good stuff.

Escupe Fuego is that one track you find on an album and you like from the first listen, well at least for me as it has a great drive and some heavy pounding parts that really stand out, Veneno de escorpión is up there as well, the screams on here are powerful as hell as the track is just as good. Máquina de almas podridas great track with some lyrics that are powerful to today’s society and the way she sings it comes across very well.

Lloviendo sobre el mar here is where a change comes as this is pretty slow at the beginning but it builds up as it goes the vocals are what is mostly highlighted here, different but not bad and to close Cráneos a speedy track but a strange ending as the bass crashes in and this rides out in a fade.

Not a bad release if your into this kind of stuff, lets just hope they ain’t just a one off shot band as I have seen a handful of these female fronted bands put out some good material but fade into oblivion later on.