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Krux – Dystopian Visions (2022)

Release date: September 4th, 2022
Label: Independent

A band that went under the name Krull but now changed the name, now they taken a more Blackened Thrash Metal approach to their music as it looks like they have a new vocalist added to their ranks as well.

And from the opener Apokalyptor the first thing that struck out for me were the vocals as they are strong and this is the only track sung in spanish on here, as far as the music it’s varies as it has a good drive but they throw in some cmplex changes not what bands usually do playing this style, an interesting opener.

A litte more aggression on Serpent Dreams as the drums get more of a pounding on here, the band take it up a notch on this one and it carries on into Straight to Hell and this sounds like where going there as the vocals lead us there, the spoken part adds to the whole thing.

As we get into Divine Technology and this one is up there to, as it covers a subject I can get into, has a good vibe through out the whole thing as the closer Dark Age has this feel to it, of darkness, of what the world is headed to, not the fastest track but has its own life to it, really needs to be heard to be enjoyed.

Not a bad debut under the new name, as it has some good high points, give it a listen you might like what you hear.