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Kadmiok – Iconoclastía (2020)

Release date: December 28th, 2020
Label: Independent

Some new thrash from this new three piece from Valparaíso, this being the bands first offering that surfaced late last year , I must admit this brings a style in the vocals I haven’t heard in awhile as its sung in Spanish but the way its sung, not the typical yelling and growling but straight forward clean and mean.

Six tracks featured on this demo, Iconoclastía the title and opener is a very catchy number as it has these crunchy riffs to open then it gets heavier and when the vocals come in the pace slows but the lyrics are just what I like hateful shit to crush all the false prophets and all their shit, a very splendid opener as it gets even better on Karadura as the same message keeps being sent but more aggression is displayed here as it has some heavy pounding and it rips on through, I’m liking the way the band composes these tracks cause they come across very well.

Lacra has a more heavy sound to it but its gets more interesting as it goes, not as fast paced as the previous but still catchy as it goes and a great lead near the end that added fuel to the whole thing, but things really get good on Aquelarre as this comes at you blazing from the start and then breaks down but in a way that catches your ear as this has some great drive in it, one that sticks out of the way it is composed.

A little demon worship on Sukuba, the shortest track on here but packs a mighty blow that has all the goods in it as we go to the closer Fuerzas del mal, which is a great closer as it has so much attitude and greatness to it as the lyrics are as good as you can get and the way the track has this great vibe to it which ends this in a excellent way.

All I can say is this is an excellent debut and the band has a good formula that could lead to better things and hope to hear more soon.

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