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Invierno Nuclear – Nothing to Prove (2020)

Invierno Nuclear
Release date: November 5th, 2020
Label: Sick Rites

Some Metal/Punk up from this band I been waiting to hear some new material as their older stuff left a mark on me, if you like shit like Speedböozer this might be up your alley.

The 5 track EP opens up with Plutonium Overdose and from the get go this has that perfect dirty and nasty feel like this shit should be like and the lyrics are perfect as this is hateful shit and it left me with a shit eaten grin on my face, some killer leads in here as well, fuckin rips!

F.O.A.D. well it doesn’t get any better as the band tells everybody off to all the wanna be cunts out there in Spanish but most the lyrics are in English and the track is blistering pure in your face shit, the break thrown even adds to the hate a blistering number as we go into Master of Hell which just by the beginning you can hear this is going to bust your ass and it does, really fast paced angry shit to kick heads into, this has some killer lyrics but man does is have a special feel to it this drives nails right into your skull!

Motor Cult, I got this Motorheadish feel from this one and nothing wrong with that, this rips as well pure high flying rage with a ripping lead that will grab your ass, a hell of a driver, top notch!

And to close Highway to Self Destruct and as the previous that same feel and with a no frills attitude a good closer to this slab.

I’m glad this was put out as this fucking world is going to shit I needed something with anger in it to calm my nerves and this pretty much hit the spot, I hope the band has more in the near future cause the break was too long for me, good work maniacs!

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