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Indoctrinate – Antilogos: Arcane Transmutation in the Temple of Flesh (2020)

Release date: September 25th, 2020
Label: Unholy Prophecies

Indoctrinate rises from the ashes of Sadistik Goathammer and this debut is a crusher.

I was pretty much floored from the first take I heard this, N.A.G.I.T.H.A. opens it up and you knew you where in for treat as if you like old school shit this takes you back to that time, as it gave me that old Grave feeling from when I first heard it.

And it continues through the whole album, with some smashing heavy slow parts that will melt your face off just listen to Antediluvian Experiencia (Celebrate in Profane Exaltation) this will annihilate your ass.

Every track on here kills, well written tracks not a bad moment through the whole thing, great production, excellent vocals, one of the best albums of the year, this is a must have. Get it while you can only 1000 copies available.