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Human Vestige – Sanguinary Fringe (2021)

Human Vestige
Release date: May 14th, 2021
Label: Independent

I just came across this release and I seen this is the bands second full length and I gave it a listen and it left a mark on me as this is some impressive death metal, nothing fancy here as they have no out of this world logo but the music makes up for that.

It starts out with Tati Mapu ka Inchiñ Kiñemliñ (Nuestro Territorio) which is a spoken ritual that to be honest I couldn’t make out, but after that we get the first track Amulepe Taiñ Weichan (Seguiremos en la Lucha) and I noticed each track has a second title in parenthesis which made it interesting but on to the track, and hell yeah this comes roaring out at you its pure death metal as the vocals are really powerful, the band has a very good tight feel to it and paved the way to what was to come, a strong opener.

Lust of Death (La Mita) and from here all the titles are in English and this track keeps the flame going, crunchy riffage with some heavy double bass pounding drums as it should be, a very old school feel to it as well and some impressive leads as well to top it off.

Surgery and Revenge (Navidad de 1553), the first vibe I got here is it reminded me of Pentagram but then it has a new life and a good one as here you can hear the vocals as clear as hell and the lyrics are excellent pure anti Xtian that rips, as well the track has a great feeling to it as we go onto Insurrection Against (La Quema de las 7 Ciudades) and the pounding continues the double bass drums are at full tilt in the beginning then it slows down to this eerie feeling that leaves the listener in a trance but it gets back into a pounding mode as it ends, good stuff.

And the pounding continues on Domination of the Cross (Pascual Coña) as this one is one of those tracks that start out with a heavy groove but then explode into a rage and that happens through out the track and its very catchy as you will hear and goes right into Meat of the Sacrifice (Necul’s Clan) and the goods keep flowing as this is just another gem to add to this slab as the drive never stops and fades into Sanguinary Fringe (Frontera del Wallmapu) to close this out, with a heavy tempo at the start this drills you as it goes and the leads that are added really give it more as they have done throughout this release, a good closer.

In closing this is some killer Death Metal and anybody into this genre should check this out, as the band has the sound to go further.

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