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Hostile Faith – Last Remnants of Life (2020)

Hostile Faith
Release date: July 14th, 2020
Label: Life After Death

Well finally this piece of Death Thrash has finally come out, I been waiting to hear this since the band released one track off it a while back and it was worth the wait.

Here on this EP we get four tracks one being a Cancer cover, So as we go into this a nice backwards message at the the start of Blind as this track has a good powerful drive to it and the vocals sound just right as the track thrashes along with a break here and there that ads flare to it but no fucking around here this is death thrash the way it was meant to be, a super great opener to this.

This next one The Disinterment is just as good but really enjoyed that you can hear the crunching bass from the start, and as it goes along it gets even better as it has the pull that grabs you and later gets even better as around the two or so minutes in it just goes off into oblivion as it gets even heavier as it goes into a frenzy of madness, a total killer!

Last Remnants of Life, the title and last original track on here, well this to me was the highlight, this track is so enjoyable as it starts with this heavy slow pounding riff that reminded me of some old-school shit and the lead comes in that I knew I was about to get nailed and I was right it does as it goes into full kill mood and with more tempo changes as it goes along this track is epic! this track put a stamp on the band as they are here to stay and kick your ass.

The Cancer cover C.F.C. does a righteous revamp to it as it rips just like it should a good closer.

To anybody that loves death thrash this is a must, I just hope after this we get a full length as the band has proven with their releases that it should be the next goal, This is only available on tape if you want a physical copy and digital by the band. Surely this will make my top 10 of the year., support fuckers!

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