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Hopeless – The World is Falling Apart (2021)

Release date: June 18th, 2021
Label: Independent

Well here is a band I never heard of until now and as I did my research on them seems like some of the members used be in Malicious which put out an album a few years ago that wasn’t bad but now we have this and for the better as this takes it to another level in every aspect of heavy shit.

Hell (Intro) opens this up and with an evil laugh this gets you and the crazy guitar work is something to hear but then Destroying The Human Race comes in and this kills! as it will rip your ass a new one with some shredding leads that just cut deep, this is a hell of a great track and should be with the title it has and more hatred is coming as Corrupt Society comes in with the same aggression and a few tempo changes as you hear the bass at a point but this has a solid drive, top notch stuff.

Greed By Nature has a slight intro then some heavy riffage burst in and the vocals stand out here and they are some good ones this really comes through with force as the track really shines all the way through. Decline Of Morality, really grabbing stuff on this one not as fast on the tempo but its heavy as hell, some great leads on here, Rise Of The Dead is an all out slaughter this has some great hooks to it and in it being short it gets to the point, a crusher.

Spawn Of Evil continues the onslaught as this has some great hooks to it that hold up and the viciousness is all in graved on here as we go into the last composition on here Cold Blooded and at first the tempo is not as fast as I got used to at this point but no worries this got fast but then came down again with some grabbing hooks inserted into it, a fine closer as an Outro finishes it off and sounds like hell with screams of agony.

This is an excellent slab of death metal and highly recommended but its hard to find as I have looked around but can’t find it anywhere and the band had some copies but who knows if they have any left by now.

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