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Hnagash – Ritual Over the Grave (2020)

Release date: July 12th, 2020
Label: Independent

Just came across this as it was released a few days ago and I never heard of this band but see they released a promo a few years back and to let you know they are Death Metal and this is something I was shocked to hear as this really has a punch to it.

It starts out with UrushDaur Ritual which is more like an intro as it sets us up for what the band is going to lay down on us, its a bit lengthy but interesting with the lightning and flute and just the effect it delivers, but then we go into the first real track here Spiritual Death and these dirty death yells come at you with this hard pounding drive that really impressed me and the vocals are just as good as you can hear them perfectly and what the man is saying, it has your typical death metal breaks but very catchy that keeps the listener glued to it a great opening track.

Black Arts keeps the flame going this is a real heavy one with some killer riffage that rips at you like a chainsaw, a true headbanger of a track as it gets even heavier as it goes, the drumming on here is excellent something that really drives the band from what I hear to this point and yes some excellent leads thrown in to make it even better and love the ending as it just comes to a complete stop just when your in a frenzy.

This next one Souls with No Rest is still with the drive but with another feeling to it as it has more a slow crushing sound to it but the vibe it gives is very dark feeling to it and even the lead adds to the gloom here, a very catchy number that adds flare to the album, as we go into Eternal Wandering which is actually the last track on here and a long one nine minutes plus so there is a lot going on here as you get your typical death metal vibe in the beginning then the second part really got me as it gets even more heavier before breaking down again but then midway through it completely comes to a still and it sounds like we are going through a dark tunnel that leads to hell as this killer lead comes in making you feel like we reached the end of the path and all the glory is there as it has this creeping vibe to it and it just gathers strength as it fades away and goes into the final track on here Into the Adimensional Dark Abyss which is basically a long outro that goes along with the previous track.

This is an excellent release and ranks up there as one of the best of the year so far in my book, just to let you know you can get this for free on the bands Bandcamp page, hope to hear more from them in the near future and a cool promo for the track Black Arts below.

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