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Hexen Hammer – Destructo Máxima (2021)

Hexen Hammer
Release date: April 7th, 2021
Label: Independent

The three headed monster known as Hexen Hammer is back with a new EP of five tracks of Blackened Speed/Thrash Metal and if you got into the 2019 release this is right up there.

Anti Spiritual Belief opens this fucker up and no fucking around here the boys are out to kick your ass, good fast shit the way I expected from them a solid instrumental that goes right into the title track Destructo Máxima and this shit is what I expected fucking in for the kill, madness the band is back to kill this is impressive and then things calm down on Trauma but in a good way as this gets better as it goes and the chorus of Trauma adds to the track and the flow as it goes even made this better with some killer lead thrown in, a bit different but still solid.

Vomito en tu tumba and with a title like that I had a feeling this would be a crusher and yes it is the band is off here, total speed freak-out as it should be, crushing riffs to smash your ass as we go to Morir es morir to end this and it has a real insane vibe to it as its different but still a solid number with a gritty punch to it.

For me I hope the band gets more exposure as these guys have the balls to put a kick into what you would call a scene but the underground is where this band lives at the moment hope the masses catch on soon.

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Hexen Hammer – Hexen Hammer (2019)

Hexen Hammer
Release date: March 11th, 2019
Label: Independent

I been wanting to do a review for this band for awhile now as they have a sound that reminds me of dirty bands like Gehennah, Intoxicate, Chainsaw etc. But with their own twisted feel to it as they are Blackened Speed/Thrash Metal and this EP has some heavy duty skull crushing shit on it.

Six tracks on this EP and it opens up with some slut being pounded on the title track Hexen Hammer as the intro but done quick as the track comes in and as soon as you hear it you know what to expect from the band as it goes along, it has that feeling I mentioned at the start but midway through it really turns it up a notch as it gets fucking heavy as fuck and it comes down back to its original heaviness but its a great opener to this.

The next track Nos comeremos a sus niños is something the band had previously released and here it sounds better than the demo version a sick crushing track as it simply pounds and just a reminder the vocals are sick just perfect and the added lead on here makes this even better so be prepared as it ends and goes right into Manifestación de odio, and here there is no letting up as these maniacs are out to slaughter your ass with a bit more flare here, and the drums really standout here pure kill! and the lead oh my what a delight, this one will have your blood flowing no doubt.

Siete plagas has no letting down either as it has some killer crunchy riffing installed in here that will keep the listener tuned in and again it has some ripping leads that really made the highlight of this one and now Retardofilia and this one just comes straight out to annihilate you straight out onslaught on your ass, no fucking around on this one as everything on here is in for the kill! one of the best tracks on here with out a doubt.

As we near the end Supremacía carnivora comes in and again the band has no letting down, the speed on the guitar just blows me away as this has a superb drive to it, even with the midway break down this one is up there as one of the best.

So now to the closer Larvas and yeah a great way to end this EP as you can hear everybody is going off at full tilt, the band knew how to organize the track list for sure as this was a great closer.

I definitely recommend checking this out as this band does what they do in the best way imaginable, they have physical copies so contact them on Facebook.

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