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Hallux Valgus – Reflections of Distant Dreams (2021)

Hallux Valgus
Release date: April 28th, 2021
Label: Burning Coffin Records/Ex Nihilo Music

Well its been a few years since the classic Death Will Prevail EP was released and this debut is something fans of the band have been looking forward to but if you follow the band this is a whole new line up compared to the past and you can hear it from the start as I have been looking into the band as I been there from the start, so I looked at this release with an open mind knowing something new would be featured here.

And from the opening chords of Ghastly Fascination, I heard the difference as the vocal duties are now done by Spectre and not bad, the music has a more in depth vibe to it and it has some ripping leads that added to the whole thing, a good opener.

Murderous Insytinct has this Motorheadish riff to start then it blast out into a faster pace which keeps growing on you and will mention the lyrics on this slab are in English but this track is a hard hitter with no holding back with some interesting tempo changes as well, this one takes you on a ride, and it continues on Sensless Vanity as this is a bit more on the speed as it begins but calms down before roaring its head again, it has this catchy groove to it that needs to be heard as the drumming on here stood out for me, a catchy track that should please the listener.

So to the only track from the past Hot Puke and the production is the best this track has ever seen and a new life as well as some tempo changes from the earlier version have been modified but this still crushes and was glad they put one old number on this album, as we break into Morbid Ways and here this one grabs you with this killer riff that opens it up and then the ride begins as it has some killer breaks in here as well as some ultra pounding as well, one of the best tracks on here.

To the second half of this opus and From the Echoes of A Deadly Chest, this is a bit different from what has been given to this point with the spoken vocals give it another life and its the shortest track on here and very different compared to the rest and has this wicked vibe to it, Crawling Are the Dead gets us back into the bone crushing as it rides on with a powerful punch but then breaks down to this heavy doomy vibe that keeps you into it before it explodes again with a rage with a cool ending.

Disturbed Corpse is another one of those tracks that start out full force but break down as later a spoken part comes in but after that this fucker gets heavy as hell this really gut grabbing pulse comes to this, I enjoyed that last part as we head into Atlas, the Hunt as this is pretty long there are various tempo changes and I would expect that from the title as there is a story behind it, a very complex number that might not appeal to all but it gets better with each listen as it has a lot of feel to it. and goes right into the closer Internal Cryptical Gathering and this being the longest track on here I was ready for the tempo changes the band would throw in here and the beginning is heavy with a killing drive and the first break on here really surprised me as its catchy as hell but even more is when this keyboard sounding instrument is thrown in and I was surprised by it but liked it and the way it fades out was just right.

Like I said at the beginning I went into this with an opened mind and this isn’t a bad release but you know how metalheads of today can’t stand change, well pull your head out of your ass and give this a listen you might like it.

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