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Gryftigæn – Fehunðyrdauðr (2022)

Release date: March 1st, 2022
Label: Inferna Profundus Records

With so many Black Metal bands coming out of Chile these days it’s quite often I will come across something that stands out to my ears and this release has hit the spot.

As Æter opens this up a short intro that sets up the ritual we are about to go into, Djúphljóð is the first taste and this a raw piece with some hate filled vocals by Lord Valtgryftåke and just the pace of this track got my mind going with thoughts of pure mayhem, the pace got different on Sacrament of Phosphorescence a bit slower tempo here but the atmosphere is dark but it gets heavier as it goes, pure chaos as his has a spectacular drive towards the end.

Seiðursongen comes out full force this is one filled with some interesting changes and the vocals standout more as well, a longer track full of hypnotic aspects that crawl into your brain, as we head into Crossing Through the Pillars of Azazyl which is an all-out unleashing of hell as this is haunting as hell, a very eerie feeling to it as the agonizing vocals show, an epic piece.

As we near the end Drowned in a Rising Sun is pretty much a conclusion piece as it has a feeling of the end of the ritual we just went through, and it proves as Eiðr myrkr closes this, a short outro that fits in well.

Black Metal hordes should give this a listen, some good shit here.