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Onslaught Kommand – Demo (2022)

Onslaught Kommand
Release date: August 12th, 2022
Label: Godz ov War Productions

Hell yeah! here is one for extremist, this crushes if you dig old bands like Dead Infection, Terrorizer any of that old school Grindcore this demo should fill your need, gut wrenching from start to finish this band brings this genre to the scene and it does it just right, raw production and all the goods are here.

One band I will be happy to hear more from if this is what they deliver, enjoy!

Alaridos – Horca (2021)

Release date: April 28th, 2021
Label: Burning Coffin Records

Some Grindcore for a change, this band has been around for awhile now and this being the bands first full length and a pretty good release but its short but packs a powerful punch, 9 tracks that come in under 12 minutes but its Grindcore so what would you expect.

If your into Terrorizer or old Napalm Death you should hear this, as I looked into the back ground of the band I seen they acquired a new vocalist in Daniela, yes thats right a female and man does she have a set of pipes on her and has brought a whole new life to this band as their older material had a male vocalist but in my view held the band back as now they have a more intact sound.

Some tracks that stood out where Talión and Fuerzas ocultas but this hole thing is killer! not a dull second on here, great stuff!

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