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Gravered – Cult to… (2019)

Release date: November 2nd, 2019
Label: Iron, Blood and Death Corporation

Gravered is pure Death Metal especially if you like that old Swedish sound this new EP is right in the veins of this traditional sound but made in Chile.This EP is worth the listen if you like this kinda shit.

Intro (Funus Magno) a very interesting instrumental that goes good with this as we go into Classic Cult to Death and from here its total death metal the way I like it, they have this old school Swedish tone to their music it took me back to the heyday, which in my book is pure excellence! heavy dark and brutal like old Nihilist,Grave,etc. that good old shit if you know what I mean.then it ends with Outro (Ad Sepulcrum) which I guess was part of the whole deal here which is good.but here we go on to,haha madness.

Non Cristo doesn’t need explanation as the fucking church choir shit opens this up but then we get what we want to hear this track is a fuck off to christianity as it should be, this is dark and deep as it should be, praised by pure hatred the vocals are sick and catch the drumming on here, crushing to the T this track kills!

Podrido as this is part of being live from what I read but if it is the recording is excellent as it delivers with no exception
as it brings a little bit to the listener and shows what the band has to offer as this endinging track Coffins Graves and Tombs is a perfect ender for this EP a live track that delivers to a full tilt.

Fuck I love this and if you like the old Swedish death metal sound this is where its at Gravered is a band to get into and support!

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