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Gates of Tyrant – Vortex Towards Death (2020)

Gates of Tyrant
Release date: April 8th, 2020
Label: Putrid Cult

Here we have this first full length from this Black Metal band and this debut is something I been wanting to get to for awhile now as this something you need to put an ear to.

With all cylinders ablaze from the opening track, I see these guys have the sound down but for a second there the drums seemed to get lost but they recovered quick as this does rip and a lead provided by “N” (Selbst) ads to the power of the track, so it kept me interested to see what was being offered here.

And Demoniac is just as strong, the vocals are your typical Black Metal type and they come across well here as they sound as good as you can get them, as far as the rest of this track is pretty solid as it got better as it went along.

It really got better on Wishing Death, as the intro is really catchy there is some really killer riffage here and more feeling on this track and breaks that made it quite enjoyable to my ears and the vocals really standout here as well.

Just as the previous The Mystery of Death has that same potion with a superb break that builds the track up and keeps the listener pinned to it, and even more mayhem on Bloodmoon, as this from the beginning has a different feel but a good one as it gave me more of a feeling of taken me on a journey, with some killer breaks that lead to better things, one of the top tracks on here for me.

And to this closer Servant of the Black Flame, and yes this comes out for the kill, a well composed track full of energy as the band is simply out to kill, a torturing lead in here to rip you apart as it flows through with so much power, a brilliant closer to this ritual.

In closing this pretty much kicked my ass as to when it comes to Black Metal releases this year, this is solid as it gets, if this is your thing have a listen it might just hit the spot.

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