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Funeralis – Gateways to Esoteric Light (2020)

Release date: December 1st, 2020
Label: Schattenkult Produktionen

The bands second full length and an album that black metal enthusiasts should give a listen to.

From the beginning of this ritual you get this eerie feeling as the haunting organ leads us into The Key of Salvation and with this real heart pounding flow to it as this has a lot of feeling and is heavy as well and some great breaks in here that add depth to the track, a superb opener.

I will mention this is a long album that is over an hour long and this next one From the Ashes the Phoenix Flames Rises is over 10 minutes long but this is one of the best as the guitar tone on here puts you in a trance, its a crushing number that the whole band is just going off and the vocals are as good as they get, this just grabs you I really dug this one.

Esoteric has a more dark feeling to it as its more of a change as its slow at the beginning but gets heavy as hell later as it has its driving moments but later comes back down but still has the power behind it and the way it closes really grabs you, as we go into Campanis ov Liberatio and this from the start has a gripping sound to it and a break comes in which brought more light to the track as well as the vocals here really stand out.

As we get further in I am well here we start out heavy as hell, the production is top notch with killer blast beats this track roars from the start but then there is a more slow part comes in but hell breaks loose after as a lead comes in with this heavy part in the background and the band really goes off after as the pace is killer so much in this track, one that needs to be heard to be truly appreciated.

Through the Silence Mystery is the track that’s for those who want their ass kicked! this just goes full throttle as blast beats galore are all over this and even with the minor break that guitar just grabs you then as the rest of the band comes in and it just smokes, one of the best to my ears on here.

And it gets better as Nigredo is strong as fuck! this killer and intense feel here this track has such a gripping sound to it, it might be long but so much is going on here that it sent chills up my spine, as it gives you a feel of a deep dark depressive trip that takes you somewhere.

To end the ritual Portal of Life & Death and it comes out blazing and well done as you can hear the drums bashing like there is no tomorrow and a slight break that will crush you as it goes off even more and hell what did you expect this is a killer closer!

For me this is a stamp on what the Chilean Black Metal scene is all about and this band proves it with this fantastic release even their label knew what they were getting by releasing this, cheers to them and the band.

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