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Force Of Darkness – Twilight of Dark Illumination (2021)

Force Of Darkness
Release date: October 13th, 2021
Label: Iron Pegasus Records

A little late on this beast of an album as it has gotten high praise all over and they ain’t kidding this is a face ripper as it will crush the weak, the drumming on here is out of this world and the production is excellent!

A brain crushing opus that will wake the dead, this fucker kills from start to finish and if you never heard them this might be a good start but their whole catalog is full if gems and hopefully they do another trek over here to the states in the coming year.

A Mighty Hail!

Wrathprayer / Force of Darkness – The Wrath of Darkness (2017)

Wrathprayer / Force of Darkness
Release date: October 16th, 2017
Label: Nuclear War Now!

Usually, a split work as a cheap way for a label to promote 2 new bands that only have a few songs at the moment. But in this case with two bands that have been established as important underground acts for a long time, the approach is different. The Wrath of Darkness is not a regular split, but a colaborative effort between two entities who joined forces to unleash their wrath and spread darkness.

Wrathprayer‘s contribution to this record are the intro and two songs of dense, chaotic and unbridled savagery. Both Tria Serpentis and De Profundis… showcase the band’s approach to bestial Black/Death Metal at it’s finest. To my ears, De Profundis… is the stand out song of the whole album because of it’s intensity, variety and excellent vocals.

On the other hand, Force of Darkness have been hailing darkness since almost the dawn of the new millenium, and their relentless mixture of Black and Speed Metal is well known among underground maniacs around the globe. The 3 songs + outro featured in this album show the work of a mature band, with a very defined sound that will inmediatelly remind you of their previous works, more precisally, the self titled debut from ’06 and a few winks to the material from the ReHELLsal tapes.

Nuclear War Now! did a great job (as usual) with both the CD and LP editions of this album. I really like the minimalistic approach on the booklet of the CD version, with a clear tipography and individual illustrations for each song (I really hate those booklets full of stupid gothic type fonts that you can barely read).

To sum things up, this is a very solid release, the music may not be especially original, but both bands know very well what they are doing, and their execution is top notch.

Wrath of Darkness by Wrathprayer / Force of Darkness