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Flora – II (2020)

Release date: September 21, 2020
Label: Independent

Some Atmospheric Black Metal that was brought to my attention, this is a one man project and its been a few years since the first demo, and now return with a full length, so the wait was worth it I could say.

Four tracks on here that are long but with a lot of character behind them and the message that the band states is ecological as this is just the way I like it.

Stream of Subconsciousness opens this up with a very dark slow feeling to it that sets the mood of what the track is about to lay down and when it gets going this really has a great riff and the production on here is very good to my surprise as you can hear everything as the vocals come in and more drive to this as you can hear the drums really well, Its long but so enjoyable it seemed quite interesting to the end.

I like the flow on Fading, Becoming Something, as it has this really touching feel to it from the start as the vocals are reeling in the background and with more grabbing riff and even the bass is heard on here as well, and yes it gets more intense as it closes.

Azure Vapours has these wicked guitar effects to open and give you a feeling of being in a winter forest and when the rest of it kicks in it really gets good as the vocals sound like a wind of mayhem flowing through, this is probably the strongest track on here to this point as the guitar rips on here as well.

And this closer The Ebb and Flow of the Aeons, well this gets going right from the start heavy pounding then eases up with this vibrant sound that gives the track some flare as it gets going again but closes with that dark mid pace feeling.

A quite enjoyable release to be honest as I mentioned the production on here makes it even better, if your into this I recommend you giving it a listen.