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Exanimatvm – Sollvm Ipsa Mor (2021)

Release date: August 9th, 2021
Label: Apocalyptic Productions

Does time fly by these days as its been a few years now since we heard from these guys and this second full length was a treat when I seen it coming out and didn’t know what to expect as I dug the first one but here I noticed there are only four tracks but they are all pretty lengthy.

En las negras aguas de Atélily, opens it up and has its own intro with a ocean waves crashing behind this eerie keyboard playing, but when it comes to the band playing this is very interesting as it’s got this vibe to it that just caught me not really fast shit but only when the drums are blasting is when the speed comes to light but the track is mostly revolved around the hypnotic riffing something you would need to hear, Like I said the tracks on here are long so there is plenty of changes throughout and this first one was amazingly good.

Sollvm Ipsa Mor o la voraz antítesis del cosmos, starts out like before with some intro before the band comes in with some deep heavy fast riffage then slows as the vocals come in and then gets even better with this pounding onslaught as it comes to a brief heavy slow part but then goes off again and rides out with different tempo changes that will feed your fill of this type of stuff.

And by now with titles like Chskl o en las misteriosas aguas de Tkoyuska, you can tell this isn’t your typical death metal but more in depth and this track has a great vibe as its heavily slow at the beginning but burst into some awesome headbanging madness at it rolls down, a long one but one of the best on here.

To the closer Magna Veritas and this being the longest track on here I expected all the previous tempo changes would fill this and righteously it does, heavy slow and even some spoken parts thrown in but lots to enlighten the mind on here as this has a punch no doubt in only the way the band could pull it off, the ending is just perfect to this.

A killer release, adds to the flare of the death metal scene in Chile, so have a listen.

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