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Asvddhasrti- Emanations – Split (2021)

Asvddhasrti- Emanations
Release date: December 23rd, 2021
Label: Qalmana

Two one man Black Metal bands I festured last year have come out with this split that both offer two tracks each.

Asvddhasrti opens it up with Belly Generous of Evil and this is the more intense track of the two featured here more ablazing on the drive and all out direction as it does have some tempo changes and breaks that add character to the whole thing and it delivers the goods as Tartarus has more of a crunchy hook to it and the vocals stand out more on here and not being an all out blast beat fest this isn’t bad, it has some really good hooks that will get you, I liked this one more of the two.

So onto Emanations and immediately into Amiahzatan Part I you ccan hear the difference between both bands as this is more extreme and a whole different production is heard but this is chaotic as hell and the guitar really guides this plus the drums are insane, a total bashing of the skull is what you get.

And no letting down on Amiahzatan Part II at the start but the tempo slows down a bit but burst back for the kill but then takes you on even more paths as it goes on as this is over seven minutes long and takes you in all directions, the ending is bombastic.

Not a bad little split from these two, and showing what they offer.

Emanations – Omiero (2020)

Release date: September 23rd, 2020
Label: Qalmana

Here we have this one man Black Metal bands first and only full length release and nothing else is known about the band just this release.

Only four tracks on here and I was pretty much tuned in from the beginning as from the start of Semita Ignis Spinosa, I could hear this wasn’t your typical Black Metal as it had a different vibe as the vocals I really liked nothing new but they went perfect with the music and it got better and more intense as these insane roars came in and the track grew even more as it went on, the tracks on here are long but it has a powerful punch to them and the production is as good as it gets, this is a superb opener.

And it even gets better on Nodis Iter as this has a more darker vibe to it as flows with this tremendous feel to it and the music just speaks for its self, very catchy that grabs a hold of you. Qayin Coronatus, Scriptumst! is up next and with a more toned down riff behind it this one has a whole different vibe to it and in a good way and I must say the drumming on here is excellent through this whole release and on this track they really shine but here we have so many tempo changes but this is something you should listen to to get the real feeling of it.

Sancte Qalmana closes this out and I got more of a traditional sound on the start but then it came down a bit but raised up again on what the band was producing through out the release, so it closes out strong.

This is some very good for a one man band, I just wish there were some lyrics to it and a physical version as this is only available in digital format at this point, so the future only knows.