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Drencrom – Permanent Living Death (2019)

Release date: August 20th, 2019
Label: Deathrash Armageddon

Been waiting for this release for awhile as this is one of the brutalist thrash bands around and this here proves it, I seen these guys live and what you hear on here is what you get when they play live, a total assault on your mind.

On here there are some old tracks as some new and none disappoint,the production on here is the best they have done to this point and something I haven’t heard in years on the track Make Her Suffer there is a drum solo by And who is one of the best drummers when it comes to the extreme side of things and right after that Fuck Your Opinion comes in and man does this shred the vocals of Schizoid are sick as he sounds like he’s spewing right out of hell and this whole thing is sung in english just in case you’re wondering, it ends with Isolated Outburst which is an instrumental and starts out a bit different but ends this very strong as it’s catchy as fuck! but this whole release shreds from start to finish.

For those wanting this from what I read the label is selling this on vinyl format but you get a cd version as a bonus so who knows if a cd only version will come soon and yes this is highly recommended if you like extreme metal this is labeled under the thrash genre it’s heavier than that a true gem.The band has no social media so get in contact with the label.