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Diabol – Lunatic Abominations (2022)

Release date: March 13th, 2022
Label: Metallian Onslaught Records

Back with a new EP and a better production, if you got into the bands first demo you will like this as well, lots of dirty black/thrash but this has a punk attitude as well, it shows on Lonewolf Rider as this is good but nothing new as other bands have done it before. Noxferatv comes on strong with the bass pounding at the start and it has a good vibe all the way through.

Sangre en el tridente, to this point this is one of the more outstanding tracks on here as its pretty in your face at the start but takes a new turn at the end but I still think it rules, Gargoyles one thing I noticed as they are using English and Spanish in the lyrics and on this one it shows, but this track is kinda weak compared to the previous.

Lunatico, gets us back into a more kick ass groove, there is a blazing lead in here and just more aggression and those backing chants add to the thrill of it. and this next one Sierpe is a bit strange as the way it is sung at thr begining but it picks up a bit and has its own life to it, not bad but out there, Burnout which is a cover of The Carburetors is not what I expected to close this. as the song has a rock n roll feel to it.

This didn’t calculate in my brain as much as the first demo did it has its high and lows. just have to see what comes next.


Diaböl – Demonomania (2020)

Release date: October 5th, 2020
Label: Hydra Arrows Records

The first demo from this one man Black Thrash act, Four tracks of filthy mean in your face metal!

You can tell what your in for just by the title of the first track Sodomiza en el nombre de satanás and the vocals are sick just like they should be and the lyrical content is just perfect as they go just right with this, lots of anger with some killer leads thrown in and the backing vocals, good shit!

More sickness on Gargolas as this has the drive and straight to the point, with the killer chorus but it goes quick as this one is short but still dig it.

93 mantras blasfemos, probably my favorite track on here as the background moaning adds this fucking great feel to it as goes into chaos and a insane drive that just drills you straight on!

The closer Rockandroll is the Master of Sin is the only track sung in English and the vocals sound the same as before and its short but sweet total aggression at full speed, am excellent closer.

This is only for maniacs that like shit like Devil’s Poison, Speedböozer etc. I highly recommend it and hope more is in the near future.

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