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Deviants – Legion (2022)

Release date: January 1st, 2022
Label: Burning Coffin Records

After last years preview track Fake Reality this is a release that was something I was looking forward to, the band consist of two maniacs that have made names for themselves in other bands so there is no surprise this bit of death thrash would deliver am impact.

And after an intro the first one is Fake Reality and it hits like a ton of bricks so if you never heard this the first time out then be prepared to bang your head as this is quite catchy even with the slighter passages in it this has a force to it, but Legion shows another side of the band, this is more extreme and an all out bashing is represented here, to this point this a smasher!

The Buried Parts of the Past more of a slow pace start but then burst into chaotic mayhem with a serious drive the will crush skulls with out a doubt, then a break midway through that crawls up your spine with this ripping lead added then out of nowhere a complete stop comes in and it might throw some off but its quite plesant and added character to the whole thing.

To finish it off a cover Baptized in Blood (Death) and they add their own blood to it as its way fucking heavier than the original so a strong ending to this EP.

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