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Demonized Priest – Necromantic Rituals (2021)

Demonized Priest
Release date: April 22nd, 2021
Label: Satanath Records

Some Black Speed Metal from San Antonio, Valparaíso and this being the bands first full length and was surprised it was released on a Russian label so I had to give this a listen.

Nice opening with some satanic words and then Within the Pentagram comes in and you know what this band is going to pound into your brain and it gets good as the vocals are right there in your face with some powerful yells from hell and the music simply crushes some killer leads that made this an excellent opener, as Collector of Corpses and Souls comes in you can basically get the feeling on what kind of lyrical content is coming off here and it really stands out here, the track is pretty brutal as it goes, heavy shit for the taken.

…of Blood and Chaos, I’m digging these yells as they are being offered here and this is a satanic delight as the hate bleeds out on here, very crunchy riffage rages on here as well, total chaos for the wicked as we go into Witch’s Unholy Creations, and the sickness continues as this is keeps the vibe of the album going on its way to hell, an excellent drive with a tasty lead that rips you.

Serpent’s Rites, holy shit! now here we take it a step beyond, the opening is amazing and then it has this dark grabbing feel to it, pure evil is the only way to describe it and some spoken part put in adds to the ritual and gets heavy as fuck in closing this piece, The Altar and hell here is another headbasher for you, more of what has been offered and all in a good cause.

To this killer instrumental Sexto infierno (Invocación), this grabbed me on the first take and it really got interesting as they through in this demonic talking in the end, real good shit! as it goes straight into Horns Above the Sky and is an amazing track to close this out, as it has a drive to take you down the path and even with a break this has that punch the band has delivered on this whole thing.

In closing I highly recommend this if blasphemy and speed is your thing, the vocals of Baal, the Unhuman took this to another level, he comes in crystal clear on here, great job!

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