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Unbowel / Deconsekrated / Endless Sedition – Imminent Death (2021)

Unbowel / Deconsekrated / Endless Sedition
Release date: August 3rd, 2021
Label: Melipulli

Here we have this three way split of some death metal bands, from what is on here the Endless Sedition tracks are mostly new and Deconsekrated is just what was on their first demo, Unbowel are some old demo and single tracks but everything was remastered for this release by Rodrigo Serrano, so the production is really good.

So lets get into this up first is Endless Sedition and an intro Linger in agony which is basically a acoustic guitar with a haunting noise in the back ground and then Kill the invaders brings on the goods, the vocals are really sick and with a great bashing to go with it, the double guitar really stands out here as the track has a good pace with choppy parts well as the speed as well a good opener to this.

Fucked in shit and this has an even more catchier vibe to it as you can hear the bass pounding at the start but then the track gets even more aggressive and midway through it comes to a slight stop then roars back to life that made this even more catchier, with a ripping lead at the end that should satisfy you, the last track they do is a cover of Atomic Aggressor (Beyond Reality) and their version is a bit more modern but still kills as its heavy as fuck.

Deconsekrated is up next and like I mentioned this is the demo and you can read my review here and it sounds better on this cd quality wise.

Unbowel, they have an weird sounding intro Disolved belief that leads into Immortal persecution and this one had to grow on me as it got better as it went on and leaves you a feel on what this band are about, N.N. into demential is more my style this one shreds as all cylinders are going off here, really impressive stuff, as we get to the closer Condemn and the punishment continues on here, a smashing number with catchy hooks that will crush the weak, insane guitar work on here that brings this to a close.

Not a bad release but could of been longer with more Deconsekrated tracks but they are coming out with a new EP soon, so something to look forward to as well as the other bands on here.

Deconsekrated – The Hidden Paths (2020)

Release date: June 17th, 2020
Label: Burning Coffin Records

A new female fronted Death Metal band from way down south, as the band only consist of two members, this two track demo comes off as strong as you can get it.

The first one Dyatlov is quite long but has all the elements that make this really shine as it has some heavy crunchy pounding riffage to start and quite more life as it rolls on, with plenty of killer hooks thrown in, the drum tracking they did on here is just right, a killer composition in deed.

The Axiom, is more right in your face from the start and the tempo changes ad to the complex of the whole thing and the tone the band has is really in the old vein with out a doubt, some solid stuff.

Not bad for a first demo, the vocals are right on, death metal fans will love this as it goes for the throat right from the start, hope to hear more soon.

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