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Behead – Choose Your Death (2022)

Release date: August 31st, 2022
Label: Burning Coffin Records/Dreadful Records

At last the debut full length from this death thrash band, I been following them since the beginning and this release is way over due as the band has always had some good material to deliver and it shows on this debut.

Moonlight Nocturne starts this out an instrumental with two sides to it the first consist of a piano playing and just about half way the band comes in, nothing bombastic yet, here they keep the tempo just right for what is to come next all hell breaks loose on Endless Hatred as this is riveting, as this has a pounding part that will grab your attention, it rips no doubt.

Reborn an absolute crusher, and will say this is sung in Spanish as they toggle those on here. but the band got away from that Thrash sound from the past you can tell from this point, Impossible Equilibrium this starts kinda slow but then all cylinders come in an all out onslaught will be brought on you, a crusher. and it continues on Worrying Seconds as this is headsplitting as well, fast paced with just the right touch, the bass bashing on here is quite a delight as well as the ripping leads.

If you like the heaviness thats been given to this point then Inestabilidad won’t let you down, this is a solid ripper, no fucking around here. enen a slight break near the end does nothing to takeaway anything. Indiferencia comes on a little different sounds like it’s an old track for some reason to my ears, its heavy but different.

As we get near the end, Suicidal Mind comes in and a nice hook to it at the start then it goes off and it does in a righteous way one of the best on here, the closer Human Despair is the longest track on here so it has a few different parts to it but is a strohg closer to this opus.

For a band that has been on the scene for over ten years now, I always thought they got left behind but better late than never as this debut is as solid as they come, good luck to them.


Pentagram – Live & Reh. (Evil Past) 1985-1987 (2022)

Release date: 2022
Label: Deathrash Records

A nice compilation put out by this Colombian label, this is raw so don’t expect high quality here the first six tracks are from the infamous “Death Metal Holocaust” 1985 and the next part includes Instrumental Rehearsals from 1986 and they ain’t labeled on the package but once you hear it you will know what it is if your familiar with the band and the last part is live tracks from Manuel Plaza, Santiago de Chile 1987 which I think have been released before on cd.

This is for collectors only a nice package as well comes in a 7″ cardboard digi pack, my advice for if you want to purchase this get it from Warhemic Productions not off Ebay.

1.Fatal Predictions
2.Temple Of Perdition
3.Evil Incarnate
4.Summoned For The Grave
5.Invert The Cross
6.Throught The Cave
7.Instrumental Rehearsal 1986
8.Instrumental Rehearsal 1986
9.Instrumental Rehearsal 1986
10.Instrumental Rehearsal 1986
11.Instrumental Rehearsal 1986
12.Instrumental Rehearsal 1986
13.The Malefice
14.Demoniac Possession
16.Temple Of Perdition

Repulsive Corruption – Heretical Descomposition (2022)

Repulsive Corruption
Release date: Sep 3, 2022
Label: Independen

Not much is known about this death/thrash band, I know they formed in 2017 but never released anything until this EP, and it storms, only four tracks on here.

Forced Prayer this opener pretty much sets the pace on what we are going to get here, fast aggressive riffage with some power packed vocals and ripping leads to boot. an excellent opener as it goes into Dead Time with a more crunch at the start but after the kill begins, this is heavy in its own glory, all into extreme metal will enjoy this.

And no letting up on Land of the Dead as with a more pounding vibe to it but goes off near the end, not bad just another side of the band, and to close The Form of Paranoia which goes off from the beginning and the vocals get the work here, a good closer to this debut.

As far as I’m concerned this band has all the elements down to a pack, well written tracks that should take them to higher ground.


Desacato – Trascendencia (2022)

Release date: May 16th, 2022
Label: Independent

A new Death/Thrash Metal outfit from Valparaiso released this four track EP.

Trascendencia, the title track opens this up and its short and doesn’t really show that much on what the band will deliver later on here, not much aggression as in speed at all.

Sugestion Del Miedo, yes and here they take another turn as the rage is felt for the first time with more speed and vocals to deliver a powerful punch, this gets better as it goes, the production really shines on here as well and the galloping part with the war effects really made this stand out.

And it gets better as Odio is one of the highlights here the pounding part they add here really has a great drive, with some minor tempo changes this still delivers the goods, as Sicario, closes this out and it pretty much continues where the band has been going through this, the vocals really standout here which is good and the drum roles at the end as well.

Not a bad first EP from the band I’m sure we will hear more from them in the future.


War Därmen – Colonization (2022)

War Därmen
Release date: ?
Label: Noiselord Prod.

As in the time of writing this, the album hasn’t been released yet but if you look it’s on Spotify and Youtube so that’s how I obtained this, and those who follow this site know I did a review on them when they started and that was awhile ago.

And what I see it consist of eight tracks, but lets get into it.

Sector Alpha and this is heavy as fuck strong pounding in the beginning then a fury of crushing comes in, a whole new side of the band shows here, an even the tempo change near the end doesn’t take away anything as some killer leads come in, a brilliant opener.

And the bashing continues on Dyson Sphere as this as heavy as the opener, the drums have this powerful feel to it that ride with some killer leads, this destroys believe me, Wolf of Damnation is another ripper with some tempo changes but still has some great speed parts that will have you glued to this.

Colonization, the title track is s furious piece and will crush the weak, we get high and low vocals trading back and forth as the band is pounding like hell behind it all and these tempo changes they fill in are always good as these tracks have sometime in them but all is good as they fill with pure might and this is a good example.

Forgotten in Time is the first track with a different vibe at the start but it gets faster after a while, some serious pounding comes in before it comes down again, yeah a bit different from what has been heard but its all good as Sector Beta comes in and here the difference is the vocal style as it is more clearer as more in the thrash vein, the track is bent on a thrash vibe as well, Anti Entropic Morality is about the same for a few before those low vocals come back to action, but a lot going on here as the second half of it is head splitting fast that will please all the speed freaks out there.

To the closer Vy Canis Majoris and this is a long one 10 min + so its got a lot, with a heavy crunchy beat at the start but then we get the fast aggressive side as this comes at you full force as it did in the beginning of the album, but a tempo change comes in with some strong feeling to it as this lead comes in for awhile but then the whole band comes back for a grand finale to end this.

This is a great release and hopefully it comes out soon and with lyrics and the band has matured great in the time I first heard them, this release should expand their fanbase.


Deviants – Legion (2022)

Release date: January 1st, 2022
Label: Burning Coffin Records

After last years preview track Fake Reality this is a release that was something I was looking forward to, the band consist of two maniacs that have made names for themselves in other bands so there is no surprise this bit of death thrash would deliver am impact.

And after an intro the first one is Fake Reality and it hits like a ton of bricks so if you never heard this the first time out then be prepared to bang your head as this is quite catchy even with the slighter passages in it this has a force to it, but Legion shows another side of the band, this is more extreme and an all out bashing is represented here, to this point this a smasher!

The Buried Parts of the Past more of a slow pace start but then burst into chaotic mayhem with a serious drive the will crush skulls with out a doubt, then a break midway through that crawls up your spine with this ripping lead added then out of nowhere a complete stop comes in and it might throw some off but its quite plesant and added character to the whole thing.

To finish it off a cover Baptized in Blood (Death) and they add their own blood to it as its way fucking heavier than the original so a strong ending to this EP.

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Venus Torment – Perversion of Nature (2021)

Venus Torment
Release date: November 2021
Label: Suicide Records

The side project of Ripper guitarist/vocals Patricio Spalinger, but goes under Venus Torment on this side project of his which he handles everything except the drums, and it’s been awhile since any new material was released, so seeing this pop up was a blessing as I knew what to expect since the first album and everything in between was good shit!

And from the opening notes on Infinite Spiral we are led into a frenzy of chaos as this is belted out to crush your soul, and one thing you will notice are that the vocals come in nice and clear but the riffage is just mind blowing, an excellent opener, as the title track is next and this shreds just as well, the drums are being pounded to hell on here and it is demonstrated through whole thing.

I won’t get into every track as this is excellent piece of death thrash as it left me floored, after listening to it a few times it got better and better, if you need a fix of pure aggression this should give you that fill some great hooks are spilled all over this, the track Ultraviolent Fragments of Self will absolutely kill you, short and sweet.

A steamroller of an album, highly recommended.

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Necrobastard – Massgrave (2021)

Release date: December 20th, 2021
Label: Diabolical Summoning Records

Here we have this death thrash band that has been around since 2007 and with a hand full of demos to their credit this is the bands first full length, earlier in the year a compilation “Deadly Resurrection” with their previous work was put out and there you can hear the evolution of the band, and that got me interested on what this release would sound like as the last tracks on that really showed how they finally found an impressive sound.

And it shows on the opening track Necromantic Nights as this comes out blazing with fast paced crunchy riffage and the vocals are straight on as later the track slows down but still packs a punch and it gets even more interesting on Deadly Mass as we hear a different approach here as it starts slow but goes into a pounding vibe immediately but then the roller coaster effect comes in as it has its ups and downs but keeps the intensity intact.

One thing I noticed is the tracks on here are pretty lengthy so a lot is filled in the grooves on these tracks but onto The Grotesque Roots of Civilization and this takes it up notch as this grabs you on all aspects as all the hooks on here made this one of the highlights so far, but hell it even gets better as Into the Burial Darkness is packed with aggressiveness to the max, that should please the bangers.

And I will leave it at that, as this is a solid release with other goodies to be discovered on the remaining tracks, the old school sound is splattered all over this, one you should definately check out.

Hostile Faith – Last Remnants of Life (2020)

Hostile Faith
Release date: July 14th, 2020
Label: Life After Death

Well finally this piece of Death Thrash has finally come out, I been waiting to hear this since the band released one track off it a while back and it was worth the wait.

Here on this EP we get four tracks one being a Cancer cover, So as we go into this a nice backwards message at the the start of Blind as this track has a good powerful drive to it and the vocals sound just right as the track thrashes along with a break here and there that ads flare to it but no fucking around here this is death thrash the way it was meant to be, a super great opener to this.

This next one The Disinterment is just as good but really enjoyed that you can hear the crunching bass from the start, and as it goes along it gets even better as it has the pull that grabs you and later gets even better as around the two or so minutes in it just goes off into oblivion as it gets even heavier as it goes into a frenzy of madness, a total killer!

Last Remnants of Life, the title and last original track on here, well this to me was the highlight, this track is so enjoyable as it starts with this heavy slow pounding riff that reminded me of some old-school shit and the lead comes in that I knew I was about to get nailed and I was right it does as it goes into full kill mood and with more tempo changes as it goes along this track is epic! this track put a stamp on the band as they are here to stay and kick your ass.

The Cancer cover C.F.C. does a righteous revamp to it as it rips just like it should a good closer.

To anybody that loves death thrash this is a must, I just hope after this we get a full length as the band has proven with their releases that it should be the next goal, This is only available on tape if you want a physical copy and digital by the band. Surely this will make my top 10 of the year., support fuckers!

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