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Ominovs – Demo MMXX (2020)

Release date: August 10th, 2020
Label: Putrid Prods.

Well really good to hear something new from this band as the first demo from last year really left and impact on me and it continues here.

For the ones just hearing this band they are pure Death Metal in the old school way and more on the Euro style.

And this opening track Paralysis pretty much sums up the sound the band has to offer and a great opener as this has all the elements really catchy riffing that strings you along, the vocals are superb, a few hooks that keeps this interesting.

More aggression on I Should Be Dead, from the start and some great guitar work on here as the track has some good hooks to it, the drumming is insane as the double bass drums are pounding on here and just the way it flows made this a pure gem.

Pleasure of Torture, the beginning really caught my ear as its catchy as hell and then the track goes into a more faster pace and then a breakdown that gives it even more life as the growls here really stand out and then it goes out in its righteous way, a bit different in all kind of ways but strong as an ox.

To this closer, Etereal Reality which comes out blazing but gets more on the heavier slower pounding vibe to it as it has a break in it and then the track gets even better as it goes, its long so there is a lot going on here through out the whole thing, a good closer.

In the end the band has nothing else to prove these two releases have shown that, I highly recommend this because its solid stuff that needs more attention, I just hope these guys get signed soon they deserve it.

To Death – Perpetual Gloom (2020)

To Death
Release date: Sep 5, 2020
Label: Independent

Here we have this new 2 piece Black/Death band from Santiago and this being the bands debut EP, I looked them up and seen they are a two piece band and one being member of the band Crypter, and that band made my top list last year so I had to check this out.

Tánatos opens this up its a short dark guitar intro that sets the mood for the darkness to come and Merciless comes in and this has the typical sound described and it has a good drive, the vocals are pretty sick to boot, if they are using a drum machine you really can’t tell but the lead in here really added to the whole thing, not a bad start.

This next one Invocation has a whole new life and more extreme as its on fire from the start with a midtempo riff thrown in half way through this got even better and then goes off into a chaotic mind crusher for an ending, good shit!

And it gets even better on To Death as this is catchy as the vocals laying the title down will grab you and then it slows down midway and here it got a whole new vibe to it but when it picks up again this is out to kill till the end.

Closing out with In the Pyre and this starts out a bit different than the earlier but its heavy as hell as a full out onslaught is captured here a good ending to this.

For this being the debut there is a lot of promise here for the future as they have what it takes from the sound they deliver, something you might want to check out.

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Soulrot – Victims of Spiritual Warfare (2020)

Release date: July 27th, 2020
Label: Memento Mori

Well its been awhile since I mentioned Soulrot on here but this new one caught my ear from the first listen, for those who never heard of them these guys play Death Metal.

This being the bands second full length, this one just has a different feel to it, the guitar tone the aggression, something good for sure as for being a three piece they sound very full with more power on here. If you like the old school Swedish sound this packs that punch as its all over this release.

The opening La doctrina de los malnacidos is short and the spoken message gets to the point as the music near the end lives up to it and then it breaks into Nihilistic Automata which is a storming track that gives the listener a taste of what is being offered here as the sound is crushing and it keeps ripping as the short and sweet Buried Alive will kill you.

And from the intense beginning things lighten up on I, Master as this is more deep and heavy at the start but then picks up with a vengeance as it storms with a no holes barred attitude its fucking sweet as hell and Perpetual Warfare is just the same way with the bass line opening and gets more driving as it gets deeper into the track.

God Forsaken is back to the crushing sound and I will say most of these tracks are short and to the point that’s why they kill and that goes for the next few as they all have the same attitude, I won’t go into every track on here but believe me this shit delivers.

As as the production here it couldn’t get any better as everything comes in crystal clear, the band sounds top notch on here is all I will say and yeah it gets better as it goes along, no need to go through all the tracks as this has what you need.

Will close saying a must and for me the best release from the band to date, this is some killer Death Metal all the ingredients for a killer album are here.

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Torfrom – Culto al Terror (2020)

Release date: January 5th, 2020
Label: Independent

Well its been a long time since I heard from this band as they where coming out just as the first version of this site was put down but anyhow they are back after all these years, Torfrom is straight out Death Metal and after all these years they have finally put out this full length.

A ten track opus that has the band back on the map as this has a lot to offer as this got better to my ears the more spins I gave it.

The pounding and hard edged elements are shown here through out the whole thing as tracks like Legión del mal and a more complex sound on Luto eterno which on the dark heavier side.

As far as production, its excellent! everything comes out clean as you can get it, the drums really stand out here.

The whole album gave me that feeling of an up and down ride, for me the tracks Depravación and I am Lucifer and the title track stood out and they have some great lyrics through out the whole thing.

This is something you might want to give an ear to if you need a fix of death metal, there are only a few tracks up right now but soon the full release will be made by Australis Rec. as I was informed by Jorge (Guitar, Vocals) right before I published this, so good for them.

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Perpetual Holocaust – Diabolical Miasmatorium Holocaust (Unreleased 2018)

Perpetual Holocaust
Release date: None
Label: None

I been in contact with Ariel (Vocals, Guitar) and he wanted me to put somethings on my channel and in the process he sent me these four tracks that were supposed to be on a split that never happened.

So for those who don’t know, these guys play Death Metal with a few releases out but nothing new out since 2017, so this is what was to follow but never seen the light of day and a shame as this is some pretty crushing shit.

Sepulchral Voice of Darkness opens this up and right from the start this comes in full force just straight out kill and just a mild tempo change where you hear the drums rolling and then some killer lead breaks in, the vocals are as good as you can get with this and from hearing they’re earlier material this band has gotten better with each release and this first number proves it.

This next track Necrophagus Communion has this hellish growl to start and more on the pounding edge in the beginning as the drive thickens as it goes along as the blast beats prove as they drive the track and gets more interesting near the end and the bass is really pounding as you can hear it perfectly on here and a nice lead thrown in at the end to finish it off.

And Macabre Evil Spirit, Well this one will put an onslaught on your soul, this just takes it up another notch as it has this chaotic feel to it, it honestly left me crushed, this track rules! heavy shit as good as it gets, I hope this makes it onto the next release and on to A Holocaust of Evil, with a more complex sounding riff at the start this has its own feeling, yes its heavy for sure as it has this creeping feel to it and gets even more insane as it goes, a strong closer.

Well lets just hope these tracks see the light of day on the bands debut, I posted this on my channel so give it a listen, Cheers!

Hnagash – Ritual Over the Grave (2020)

Release date: July 12th, 2020
Label: Independent

Just came across this as it was released a few days ago and I never heard of this band but see they released a promo a few years back and to let you know they are Death Metal and this is something I was shocked to hear as this really has a punch to it.

It starts out with UrushDaur Ritual which is more like an intro as it sets us up for what the band is going to lay down on us, its a bit lengthy but interesting with the lightning and flute and just the effect it delivers, but then we go into the first real track here Spiritual Death and these dirty death yells come at you with this hard pounding drive that really impressed me and the vocals are just as good as you can hear them perfectly and what the man is saying, it has your typical death metal breaks but very catchy that keeps the listener glued to it a great opening track.

Black Arts keeps the flame going this is a real heavy one with some killer riffage that rips at you like a chainsaw, a true headbanger of a track as it gets even heavier as it goes, the drumming on here is excellent something that really drives the band from what I hear to this point and yes some excellent leads thrown in to make it even better and love the ending as it just comes to a complete stop just when your in a frenzy.

This next one Souls with No Rest is still with the drive but with another feeling to it as it has more a slow crushing sound to it but the vibe it gives is very dark feeling to it and even the lead adds to the gloom here, a very catchy number that adds flare to the album, as we go into Eternal Wandering which is actually the last track on here and a long one nine minutes plus so there is a lot going on here as you get your typical death metal vibe in the beginning then the second part really got me as it gets even more heavier before breaking down again but then midway through it completely comes to a still and it sounds like we are going through a dark tunnel that leads to hell as this killer lead comes in making you feel like we reached the end of the path and all the glory is there as it has this creeping vibe to it and it just gathers strength as it fades away and goes into the final track on here Into the Adimensional Dark Abyss which is basically a long outro that goes along with the previous track.

This is an excellent release and ranks up there as one of the best of the year so far in my book, just to let you know you can get this for free on the bands Bandcamp page, hope to hear more from them in the near future and a cool promo for the track Black Arts below.

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Suffering Sights – Existential Realism (2020)

Suffering Sights
Release date: June 7th, 2020
Label: Independent

Here is a Death Metal band from Santiago, I just came across them and they started out back in 2018 and this was actually released last year but the band has made it available worldwide till now and is a must hear.

But anyhow lets get to what this has to deliver, It opens up with a J.S. Bach composition but then the band comes in and you can hear they have a great sound to them as it is short and a taste of what they have to deliver as Desperate Search comes in and what I first noticed was the bass could be heard and it kills the vocals are your typical Chilean metal tone vocals which I love as they have they’re own feel to them and the breaks come in with such a mystical lead that then blends into this crushing sound that will just grab you, I have no way to explain how good this is that you need to listen to it.

G.E.B. (Genetically Engineered Bacteria) is next and all I will say is this track slays as there is no holding back here this composition is so well written makes this young band look like pros, it has every element that a good track has to offer I was fucking amazed on how good this is, it took me back to the old days that’s how good it is.

And onto The Great Filter and you think things would let up, hell no! this even beyond a blistering track with so much impaled into it I was floored by this one, fuck it will destroy you as it gets right to the point I fucking love it! and to the closer Boötes Void – Worthy Acts of Hate which is actually two track together and the opening is so mystical I would say but I love it as it comes in with the right attitude but man you just got to love what the band is doing here as this gets heavy as it goes along, it just grabs you a so righteous sound that they deliver as it has all that old school vibe to it, It has everything you could want an excellent way to end this.

In closing this band has everything that anybody into this kind of music would love, one of the best up and coming bands I have heard this year a must!

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Ominovs – Promo MMXIX (2019)

Release date: August 25th, 2019
Label: Independent

Here we have this new Death Metal band that released this two track demo last year and I just discovered them and this demo is a gem, both tracks took me back to the heyday of Death, this one of those releases that grab you by the balls the first time you hear it.

From the beginning of Paralysis this has old school written all over it! this is some killer shit it has all those great elements from the Swedish scene in graved into it and I Should be Dead, packs a hell of a punch this storms out with an intent to kill it just goes after you and the vocals on here are just perfect, the breakdown brings this killer lead that keeps you glued and then it burst into oblivion you can hear the drumming is pounding on here as it leaves you floored, this is a demo you seriously need to hear if you take your Death Metal seriously as this will crush you.

You can get this for free on Bandcamp and I hope they release something new soon this is something to look forward to.

Sempiternal – Legiones del Sepulcro (2020)

Release date: January 23rd, 2020
Label: Messiah of Evil Records

Here is a Death Metal band from Santiago that has been around since 2015 and this is the bands latest work in form of a four track demo and not much is known about them cause to this point I have never really heard about them, they sing in the native language but fuck it, it took me a few listens and this got really good to be honest.

Legiones del Sepulcro opens this up with a slight intro and from there the band comes out storming as this is some aggressive shit, the vocal’s are sick as fuck and they stand out as the guy makes them sound like he’s puking his guts out that go well as this is on the macabre side of things, a very impressive opener.

More insanity on El arbol del cementerio and love the title as this comes in with a pounding beat but then burst into hell as it gets heavy as fuck! this will tear you a new one for sure as it has some great tempo changes in it and the way it kills as the end, just simply killer! so we go to La ultima morada which in the beginning has a different vibe to it but not to worry as this gets better as it goes so no dull moment on here at all fits well with what is being delivered here.

The closer Sin retorno is an instrumental with a lot of might put into it, not just something to put in to get things done it is heavy as fuck but ends just when you want more.

I think this is some pretty worthwhile metal that you should give a listen to, its only available on digital format and who knows what the future of the band is but hopefully we hear more from them in the near future as this has potential.

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