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Genocidal Impalament – Portador de Flamas Funerarias (2022)

Genocidal Impalament
Release date: May 13th, 2022
Label: Independent

This is a Death/Black Metal one man project, one of the guitarists for Bestial Mortem (Sibyllinos Inspicerent) to be exact, a compilation of the two demos released earlier this year.

And this is heavy as fuck, and straight to the point, some really punishing metal here, Genocidio Universal is a great opener and the vocals are sick sounding but could of been a little higher as they seem to get drowned out at times.

One thing I noticed is that this whole thing comes in under 14 minutes and there are 8 tracks, so be prepared to be slaughtered, this has nothing new to offer the genre but it’s good for what it is and I see potential in it all.

Crazy maniacs will probably love this, I hope this dude keeps this going and we hear more in the near future and it’s available on Bandcamp.

Nar Mattaru – Proclamation of the Veils of the Negative Existence (The Ascension) (2022)

Nar Mattaru
Release date: March 23rd, 2022
Label: Total Death over Mexico

One of the most interesting Death Metal bands on the scene as they always bring something new to the table, and the title and artwork pretty much gives you a feeling to expect some wild things going on here.

So, let’s get into it and from the start of Evolution – Involution Pt. I you hear sitars playing which for me it was great as I always found pleasure in that sound and when the band comes in, they have a monstrous sound that is crushing as hell, as the vocal work laid here is bombastic, the track is slow and powerful to the bone.

Ascension, gets us back to pure death metal as this has the speed and hammering most want and some sick vocals with some torturous vocals that add to the blend here, the slower tempo here really gives a hellish feeling.

One thing I will say these are not your typical short tracks they are long as My Angel of my Dark Desires is over 7+ minutes long but nothing wrong with that if the composition is well written, as it is here. Litanies to Darkness, has a slower feel to it but has a haunting feel to it as it might drag to some, but the feeling is eerie.

Evolution – Involution Pt. II, the continuing part is more laid back as some heavy riffage, and sick yells dominate this, the ending is raw as hell, I, Son of Azagthot closes this out in true spirit as the band belts it out here in the only way to finish this opus out with the sitar sending us our way.

A hell of an album, one of the best I heard so far this year, highly recommended.


Bestial Mortem – Epístola de inminente colapso (2022)

Bestial Mortem
Release date: March 2nd, 2022
Label: Independent

Nice demo of Blackened Death Metal from this band that has been around for a while now, each track has its own feel but all pack a punch, my favorite being Distopía Inexorable with all kinds of tempo changes this has a great feeling to it.

And the closer Remanente Memoria is just a great way to end this as a killer riff rides it out.

Short and sweet is what you get here and to the point, let’s hope for a full length now as these guys are due for one by now.


Nefastor – Hate Yourself (2022)

Release date: March 19th, 2022
Label: Independent

Here we have this up-and-coming death metal bands first EP, and what is presented here isn’t bad as they have potential as all the tracks are well structured and great lyrics full of hatred and good things like that. the vocalist is spot on this guy has the chops for this.

The only thing from this from being out standing is the production, the drums are just to overpowering and you can hear it when the leads are going off.

But for an early effort this caught my ear and will be looking forward to what they have to offer in the future.


Rotten Tomb – Visions of Dismal Fate (2022)

Rotten Tomb
Release date: March 1st, 2022
Label: Crypts of Eternity Productions

Rotten Tomb needs no introduction if you follow the underground and this being the band’s first full length, they have hit the nail with this release.

From the opening track Devourer of Life this has a definite grabbing sound as it storms out with this hell gripping lead then the vocals are as good as you can get as the pace gets slower, but the feel is just right, and it has this soul gripping feel to it, an excellent start to this!

Human Paradox shows another side of what this band can deliver, have to love the tempo changes installed here, the drumming is maculate, listen and you will know what I mean.

There is definitely an old school vibe going on here and the album just got better with each track, if you take your death metal seriously this slab is something I would add to your collection as there is no dull moment on here, this will crush the weak!

One of the best releases of the year so far, highly recommended.


Vermis – A Merging With The Emptiness (2022)

Release date: January 25, 2022
Label: Independent

At last, the return of Vermis, after the excellent debut demo here is a new 3 track one to get your fill.
and this first one Repeat Until The Culmination has a strange vibe at the start but then it goes into a frenzy like you would expect and its good as expected but then breaks down again but it all fits in well, not bad for the opening.

Thinking In Circles, is just as good from the start, a crunchier feeling with some short slow breaks that keep it interesting as it really goes off at the end, killer shit!

And to close The Scent Of Death and this is a good way to end it, the more in your face track on here as it has a fierce feel to it and shows what the band can do when it really wants to rattle your mind.

Not a bad demo at all makes me want to hear a full length already, and I hope it is soon as waiting for this second release seems like it took forever as I was wondering what happened to them.

Throneum / Ejecutor (2021) split

Throneum / Ejecutor
Release date: October 2021
Label: Morbid Ways to Die / Apocalyptic Productions / Triom / Dark Recollections Productions

Ejecutor have teamed up with Poland’s Throneum for this special split in memory of NecroTerror (bass player for Ejecutor), who passed away on September 11, 2021. and both bands are two different genres, so it was interesting to hear what was offered here, the 3 tracks from Throneum are bombastic the two originals they contribute here really punishing Trois frères is some really off the wall shit that I had to listen to a few times to get the feel for the whole thing and it continues on Kaang the Praying Mantis as this has a more straight forward feel to it with a ripping lead in it and my pick for their best one, they end their half with a cover of I Wanna Be Your Dog by The Stooges and if you heard the original this is way over the top so be prepared.

Ejecutor is whole new thing when it comes on the opener Armaggedon is just a crushing piece that you can hear that sound this band has been delivering since they started, the chorus of Armaggedon! will get stuck in your brain, love it! La entidad is more intense from the start but has some breaks in it but it hammers down as this fucker is mean as hell, the drumming oh here really comes to light and solid as fuck.

Ritual de protección is one of those tracks the band have gotten a feeling for of spreading a message and they do here it’s short and sweet and the point is set. And they finish with Primordial (Mortuary Drape cover) and they do a great job on it that topped this release to a great end.

A great tribute to our fallen comrade, the mix of styles from both bands might not be for everybody but the Ejecutor is a must for the fans of the band, hopefully we get more from them next year.

Hopeless – The World is Falling Apart (2021)

Release date: June 18th, 2021
Label: Independent

Well here is a band I never heard of until now and as I did my research on them seems like some of the members used be in Malicious which put out an album a few years ago that wasn’t bad but now we have this and for the better as this takes it to another level in every aspect of heavy shit.

Hell (Intro) opens this up and with an evil laugh this gets you and the crazy guitar work is something to hear but then Destroying The Human Race comes in and this kills! as it will rip your ass a new one with some shredding leads that just cut deep, this is a hell of a great track and should be with the title it has and more hatred is coming as Corrupt Society comes in with the same aggression and a few tempo changes as you hear the bass at a point but this has a solid drive, top notch stuff.

Greed By Nature has a slight intro then some heavy riffage burst in and the vocals stand out here and they are some good ones this really comes through with force as the track really shines all the way through. Decline Of Morality, really grabbing stuff on this one not as fast on the tempo but its heavy as hell, some great leads on here, Rise Of The Dead is an all out slaughter this has some great hooks to it and in it being short it gets to the point, a crusher.

Spawn Of Evil continues the onslaught as this has some great hooks to it that hold up and the viciousness is all in graved on here as we go into the last composition on here Cold Blooded and at first the tempo is not as fast as I got used to at this point but no worries this got fast but then came down again with some grabbing hooks inserted into it, a fine closer as an Outro finishes it off and sounds like hell with screams of agony.

This is an excellent slab of death metal and highly recommended but its hard to find as I have looked around but can’t find it anywhere and the band had some copies but who knows if they have any left by now.

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Igler – EP1 (2021)

Release date: October 8th, 2021
Label: Independent

Well here is something I stumbled across and see there isn’t much on this band as they only released another EP a few years ago and that consisted of black metal covers and now on here it looks like they finally found their own sound.

This consist of three instrumental tracks and now they are more death metal and the opener shows it, From the Dephts Death Stalks is a very catchy number with some good hooks in it but what really got me was the tone of the lead guitar which just made this stand out and left me wanting more.

Soul Eater has this really dark feeling to it as this might come in a little doomy at times but its got this great haunting feel to it and a bit long too which is just fine, Carnifex closes this out and a bit more upbeat on the tempo to start and has some hard driving rides here and there, which ended this on a high note.

All I can say is this is good for what it is, lots of potential here as shows in all the tracks so anybody knows more about this band leave info in the comments section.

Resilient – The Art of Resilience (2021)

Release date: October 31st, 2021
Label: Diabolical Summoning Records

Well after the single released earlier this year, the awaited EP is finally here and after all the promotion the band has put into this, was it worth it? read and find out.

Intro (Origin) is a nice acoustic guitar piece that gives flare to what is about to come and The Dark Room is just a heavy pounding riffage at the start then it gets even better, that old school death metal vibe is written all over this, great tone on the guitars and blazing leads that just shred, this kills so get ready!

Vomiting Blood, holy fuck! the beginning is hypnotic as you hear the bass going off then total assault as the chorus comes in it slows down a bit but gets heavier as it goes with some tasty leads offered here and for good a lot of tempo changes that fill this track some good shit here.

Black Clouds, the old favorite is next and you should know what to expect as this is a killer track from start to finish, as we go into Interlude (Clímax) which is basically a bass guitar instrumental but fits in well on this recording, as we close out with Searching for Balance and with some heavy pounding riffage this has a great feel to it, lots of tempo changes with all high caliber feel and the spoken part adds to the track but it really takes off near the end as some neck cracking leads come in and then comes to a grateful close.

Yes, the wait was worth it! a solid EP all the way through, if you like it old school then you really need to hear this as it will give you a fill no doubt.

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