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Consumed – LIVE Incarnation of EVIL (2022)

Release date: September 1st, 2022
Label: Connuctione Incesta

Here is a great Live release by Consumed, this needs no review as it is a solid release all the way through even an Incantation cover to add to the sickness spewed on here, only thing this was released on tape format only and that is the only way it will be according to the band, they plan on putting out their debut later on on cd.


Rotten Malefice – Rotten Malefice (2022)

Rotten Malefice
Release date: August 14th, 2022
Label: ThreeMetal Forces Distro

A release that I been waiting for quite awhile now for as their last demo Hoguera de cadáveres (2019) really left me wanting more.I will only review the new tracks on here as their first demo is also on here as a bonus.

And this first one En los Brazos de la Muerte is hard hitting death metal like you would expect heavy but it stops out of nowhere and sounds like its over but it comes back, I had to check the cd as I thought it might of skipped but no that is the way the band planned it, and its a short reprise that sounds like another track, strange but I can live with it.

The track Rotten Malefice gets us back on a more tradional sound with some whirlling riffage at the start the pace gets harder at one point but it calms down towards the end not bad, En el Nombre del Caos here things change as this is more aggressive from the pace it has some good pitches throughout the whole thing, this one is more out there than what was heard earlier, Hoguera de Cadáveres this even gets better but also has that stop part like on the first track but here the second part is some of the best shit on here.

Gritos here is the heavy hitter, this out to kill from the start fast paced chaos all the way through, one of the best on here, has this real catchy riff to it, and to close Combustión Espontanea and it starts with an acoustic guitar part but after that the band comes in and delivers a hell of a compostion and it breaks down toward the end but it is strong the way it ends.

This one is one of those you get more out of it with each listen, not a bad release, just more death metal for the vein.


Butamacho – Tue Tué (2022)

Release date: March 20th, 2022
Label: Putrid Prods.

After a few years gone by the band are back with their third full length and a few new members in the lineup and they bring this opus of death that should please their old fans.

And a very strong start with Ritual en Tocoihue as they take us into the ritual, some great lyrics and music to, heavy pounding start with great death tone vocals this sets the mode for a bashing, as the title track Tue Tué comes in and this is a creeper as it gets stronger as it goes, great lyrics on this one as well it has some insane guitar ripping on here that is chaotic.

Hablando con las sombras is even more wilder as it comes straight at you some hooks are thrown in but when that lead comes be prepared as it will blow your mind. its off the wall stuff. as Hualve has a more heavier punch of a tempo to start but gets faster as it goes, and will please most.

Dornajo is another punisher on here as it has a good pace of brutality with no let up and to end this Brujo maestro, and this blast at you from the start, these high pitch screams that are spread out during some tracks on here really shine here, there is a bonus track Novenario cabríon on the tape version of this but not on the cd, kind of strange as there is plenty room for it.

I highly recommend this slab if your into obscure death metal, has some excellent lyrics of pure satanic might.

Culto a la Malevolencia – Spectant Nos Morte (2022)

Culto a la Malevolencia
Release date: August 2, 2022
Label: Independent

Hell it’s been a few years since I heard from this band from way up in Arica, so this their second EP which contains five tracks and from the start In Nomine Capra I could hear a difference that the band had taken a turn as far as the vocals are different now before they had two dudes going off on their debut as well as the lyrical content as it’s more out there than before but still this is punishing metal,

The five tracks on here all deliver well, The sheep sounds between tracks add character to the release, This is something you need to listen to to really make up your mind, the band sent me this and there are physical copies availabe but send them an email Contact: cultoalamalevolencia@gmail.com

Below is the whole release.

Perpetual Holocaust – Infernal Damnation (2022)

Perpetual Holocaust
Release date: 2022
Label: Deculto Prods

An exclusive here as this EP hasn’t been released yet, the band sent me this to put up on my Youtube channel they told me it will be coming out on tape version through Deculto Prods but no date.

Four solid tracks of their branded style of death metal, the drumming throughout this speaks for itself.

Onslaught Kommand – Demo (2022)

Onslaught Kommand
Release date: August 12th, 2022
Label: Godz ov War Productions

Hell yeah! here is one for extremist, this crushes if you dig old bands like Dead Infection, Terrorizer any of that old school Grindcore this demo should fill your need, gut wrenching from start to finish this band brings this genre to the scene and it does it just right, raw production and all the goods are here.

One band I will be happy to hear more from if this is what they deliver, enjoy!

Mortuarium – Mortuarium (2022)

Release date: July 21st, 2022
Label: Putrid Prods.

Some new Death Metal from this band coming out of the south. and actually their first release on this EP of four tracks.

Demon Attack this opener should satisfy bangers into this stuff a really well written with all the right elements a great opener and the pounding continues on Masacre Demencial  as this has heavy crushing riffage at the start and will say the vocals are top notch on this as well the production, this gets better as it goes with a great lead that ccmes in and goes back to that heavy riffage, excellent material.

And it really gets even better on Instinto Visceral which is about a killer and his lust to kill and the way he does it, the track has a great build up from the start, one of the best on here and the closer Necrófago is the perfect closer, grotesque stuff written here that left me floored.

This is a hell of a release, I hope to hear more from them in the near future as this will crush the weak.


Repugnancia – Decadente Mundo De Divina Tiranía (2022)

Release date: March 15th, 2022
Label: Narcoleptica Productions

Some Death Metal, I had this in my collection for a while now and this being the bands first EP, I needed to get this out to those who don’t know and that is a good thing as this release is just a head splitter, some furious hymns on here, this shit is heavy as fuck! no fucking around here this is solid from start to finish.

The band recorded this as a three piece but have added another member since then that should add power to their sound when they play live, I put the whole release up so you can hear it, trully one to give an ear to, this is a crushing release, can’t wait for the follow up to this.


Sadistic – Rotting Eternal (2022)

Release date: June 18th, 2022
Label: Apocalyptic Productions

One of my most anticipated releases of the year and it was worth the wait as this has everything you could want and expect from the band, if you take your death metal seriously you need to give this slab a listen.

Eight tracks on here with Prelude to Rot opening and is an instrumental full of energy and sets the mood just right for what is to come,Impure Congregation is just a bombastic piece as the vocals are mean as hell but the guiter tone is even better as it has this feeling that crawls up your spine and yeah that old school feelimg is written all over this.

Things get a bit different on Hell on Earth as the pace changes a bit on here but the track is heavy as hell with some minor breaks, it still has the raw gripping effect to it, the leads near the end kill! Embrace the Darkness is more on the crunchy side you could say as the pounding riffage makes up most of the track, adds a bit of flare to the release and the ending is just right.

Things start getting back to a heavier pace on Bloodstained Grave and from here is where this album delivers that kick ass punch, Denied is just a hell of a track as Peter yells out the title this gets better as it goes, this one got me on the first listen and then the glory continues on Conjurer as the brutality keeps flowing and it comes to a climax on Down into Catacombs as this is a storm of a track a fucking killer closer to this whole thing as it has so much going on through out it that it will leave the listener wanting more.

When it comes to Chilean Death Metal this release is up there in my top five so far for this year, the wait was well worth it.