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Athanatos – Reditum ut Magic(k) (2021)

Release date: May 7th, 2021
Label: Goat Vomits Productions

The first full length from this satanic trio and an impressive slab of Black/Death Metal and I was amazed at the way this was packaged by Goat Vomits Productions it truly will be a collectors item.

But lets get into it as the title track Reditum ut Magic(k) is basically a wicked acoustic guitar and a spoken poem by Aleister Crowley, and then we go into Sabbat of the Goat and this comes out like a storm from hell as the band is at full throttle but it calms down later to a more torturing feel as by the lyrics this had a really great blasphemous feel to it so it prepared me for the ride.

Eternal Return/Potestas Magnum Universum, for some reason these two tracks were blended together on my copy of the cd but anyhow the first one is a crusher from the start and evil as it comes as the band is taking us down to hell with “Chronos eating his sons”, fantastic stuff! as it has this heavy riffage that rolls you down the path and breaks down as we go into the next track and you feel like your somewhere else and I was pretty much right as the lyrics can relate to what I thought was going on and it gets heavy as it goes on and fades just right.

For perverted fuckers out there we have Bride of (K)haos, a smashing number with some fucked up perverted lyrics about fucking this satanic slut and the way its composed this shit stands out lots of bone crushing pounding on here a solid number to add to this release, the ending is fucking great!

As the closer Sacrilegious Passion is basically another fucking number and with a different vibe as a strong riffage opens it up that rides through and some touching lyrics that most men can relate to, love the yelling on here that adds to the delight of the whole thing and the way it ends makes you feel there is more to come.

A killer release by all means and don’t have any preview as there is none so I respect the band so nothing here but take my word this is worth it, blasphemous chaos for the taking, contact the band on their Facebook page or Oratorium Distro where i got my copy.

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Resilient – Black Clouds (single 2021)

Release date: June 20th, 2021
Label: Independent

New Death Metal band that just put this preview track out, and this one track is worth a listen its pretty old school as I can hear, so something to look forward as an EP should be coming out real soon.

Some great lead work done on here by Matías Quiroz of Bleak Flesh, so check out their Facebook page as they have shirts for sale as well.

Official Band Bio

Resilient is originally from Santiago de Chile, formed by Abel Méndez (Voice, guitar, bass, midi drums). Preserving the old-school death metal style, on this occasion the guitarist of the technical death metal band BLEAK FLESH Mr. Matías Quiroz appears as a brand-new guest, being in charge of the solos in the new RESILIENT material. In March the recordings of his first musical work began; “The Art Of Resilience” will be the name of this debut Ep which will premiere in mid-August. In this context the band has just released their first single as a preview of what’s to come, “BLACK CLOUDS” and the band’s Death Metal sound has already been seen in various parts of the world such as the United States and Mexico, where the Ep en tape by STUMP GRINDER RECORDS (usa) and ARCADA DISTRO (mex), In Chile, the person in charge of the edition of CDs and T-shirts is DIABOLICAL SUMMONING RECORDS. The band is in talks with more labels around the world and will be reporting the news through their networks. “BLACK CLOUDS” is the new from RESILIENT and everyone is invited to listen on YouTube and Bandcamp (soon on all digital platforms).

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Prosatanos / Degotten – Demonic Fornication (2021)

Prosatanos / Degotten
Release date: January 3rd, 2021
Label: Total Death Records

A split that features the German band Prosatanos and Degotten which I’ll get into more on this release and 10 tracks featured here more by the Germans.

Basically a black thrash release, for me Prosatanos is something you would have to listen to the vocals are something you would want to hear first, the music is vicious and for me the strongest track is the only one they sung in German to close their part of the release so have a listen.

So onto Degotten and you can immediately here the difference between the bands and the first track Beast Fornication shows the power this band has always delivered with some great production on here that you can hear all the instruments just right and just the way the composition is written gives you a vibe these guys know how to slay your ass.

And this next one Whore (Hure) brought back memories of their earlier material and the bass really stands out here and it has a great drive and the vocals here are excellent as we go into Ravisher of Souls which opens with this crunchy riffing and then goes off into a more faster pace but it has an interesting break and the guitar work on here really stands out and keeps you glued to the whole thing, the way the whole thing rides out makes this one of the best on here.

Todeshymne, the closer and perfect as the horde comes out to kill, the double bass drums taking a beating is always good but this has that anthem feel to it for me and the band really has some great crushing parts in here and the vocal way this ends pretty much a great closer.

I found this out of nowhere and will say its good to hear Degotten again as this horde has always put out some killer shit! I just hope for another full length and maybe all these tracks on here will be on it so lets see whats next.

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Goat Invokation – La deformidad del primigenio caos (2021)

Goat Invokation
Release date: June 15th, 2021
Label: Independent

Take note maniacs of this dark death metal band as this is their first EP and what an opus of insanity we have here as this was released today and I was impressed from the first listen.

Six tracks of glorious head splitting material here, Vórtice abismal opens up with this freaked out intro but hell immediately comes in and does it this track will blow your head off its packed to kill! everything is just perfect the vocals are as good as your going to get them and the band itself is on fire.

As we go into Inveteradas abominaciones and it breaks in just as it should these guys have it down just as it should be, this is crushing, has all that old school feel written all over it so be prepared. Corrompiendo al infame gave this old Morbid Angel feel at the start but then it got heavier as it got sicker and more intense, the guitar work on here hits the spot, excellent!

Valar de la equidad is more on the slower dark path at the start but with a vicious roar to it as it gets intense as it goes and an interesting groove change that’s in here really takes the track to a new level, as Slave Wills delivers as well this is some bashing shit just listen to the drums and a slow break that comes in made this even more enjoyable, lots going on here and well written as we go to the closer Hordas de aniquilación and this tops this release like it should as it comes right at you for the kill, this has so much feel with different tempo changes and you hear the band going off especially near the end, this fucking rules!

Hell this made my day a fantastic release that should put this band on the map, highly recommended as this slays from start to finish, definite topper for this year.

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Hallux Valgus – Reflections of Distant Dreams (2021)

Hallux Valgus
Release date: April 28th, 2021
Label: Burning Coffin Records/Ex Nihilo Music

Well its been a few years since the classic Death Will Prevail EP was released and this debut is something fans of the band have been looking forward to but if you follow the band this is a whole new line up compared to the past and you can hear it from the start as I have been looking into the band as I been there from the start, so I looked at this release with an open mind knowing something new would be featured here.

And from the opening chords of Ghastly Fascination, I heard the difference as the vocal duties are now done by Spectre and not bad, the music has a more in depth vibe to it and it has some ripping leads that added to the whole thing, a good opener.

Murderous Insytinct has this Motorheadish riff to start then it blast out into a faster pace which keeps growing on you and will mention the lyrics on this slab are in English but this track is a hard hitter with no holding back with some interesting tempo changes as well, this one takes you on a ride, and it continues on Sensless Vanity as this is a bit more on the speed as it begins but calms down before roaring its head again, it has this catchy groove to it that needs to be heard as the drumming on here stood out for me, a catchy track that should please the listener.

So to the only track from the past Hot Puke and the production is the best this track has ever seen and a new life as well as some tempo changes from the earlier version have been modified but this still crushes and was glad they put one old number on this album, as we break into Morbid Ways and here this one grabs you with this killer riff that opens it up and then the ride begins as it has some killer breaks in here as well as some ultra pounding as well, one of the best tracks on here.

To the second half of this opus and From the Echoes of A Deadly Chest, this is a bit different from what has been given to this point with the spoken vocals give it another life and its the shortest track on here and very different compared to the rest and has this wicked vibe to it, Crawling Are the Dead gets us back into the bone crushing as it rides on with a powerful punch but then breaks down to this heavy doomy vibe that keeps you into it before it explodes again with a rage with a cool ending.

Disturbed Corpse is another one of those tracks that start out full force but break down as later a spoken part comes in but after that this fucker gets heavy as hell this really gut grabbing pulse comes to this, I enjoyed that last part as we head into Atlas, the Hunt as this is pretty long there are various tempo changes and I would expect that from the title as there is a story behind it, a very complex number that might not appeal to all but it gets better with each listen as it has a lot of feel to it. and goes right into the closer Internal Cryptical Gathering and this being the longest track on here I was ready for the tempo changes the band would throw in here and the beginning is heavy with a killing drive and the first break on here really surprised me as its catchy as hell but even more is when this keyboard sounding instrument is thrown in and I was surprised by it but liked it and the way it fades out was just right.

Like I said at the beginning I went into this with an opened mind and this isn’t a bad release but you know how metalheads of today can’t stand change, well pull your head out of your ass and give this a listen you might like it.

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Human Vestige – Sanguinary Fringe (2021)

Human Vestige
Release date: May 14th, 2021
Label: Independent

I just came across this release and I seen this is the bands second full length and I gave it a listen and it left a mark on me as this is some impressive death metal, nothing fancy here as they have no out of this world logo but the music makes up for that.

It starts out with Tati Mapu ka Inchiñ Kiñemliñ (Nuestro Territorio) which is a spoken ritual that to be honest I couldn’t make out, but after that we get the first track Amulepe Taiñ Weichan (Seguiremos en la Lucha) and I noticed each track has a second title in parenthesis which made it interesting but on to the track, and hell yeah this comes roaring out at you its pure death metal as the vocals are really powerful, the band has a very good tight feel to it and paved the way to what was to come, a strong opener.

Lust of Death (La Mita) and from here all the titles are in English and this track keeps the flame going, crunchy riffage with some heavy double bass pounding drums as it should be, a very old school feel to it as well and some impressive leads as well to top it off.

Surgery and Revenge (Navidad de 1553), the first vibe I got here is it reminded me of Pentagram but then it has a new life and a good one as here you can hear the vocals as clear as hell and the lyrics are excellent pure anti Xtian that rips, as well the track has a great feeling to it as we go onto Insurrection Against (La Quema de las 7 Ciudades) and the pounding continues the double bass drums are at full tilt in the beginning then it slows down to this eerie feeling that leaves the listener in a trance but it gets back into a pounding mode as it ends, good stuff.

And the pounding continues on Domination of the Cross (Pascual Coña) as this one is one of those tracks that start out with a heavy groove but then explode into a rage and that happens through out the track and its very catchy as you will hear and goes right into Meat of the Sacrifice (Necul’s Clan) and the goods keep flowing as this is just another gem to add to this slab as the drive never stops and fades into Sanguinary Fringe (Frontera del Wallmapu) to close this out, with a heavy tempo at the start this drills you as it goes and the leads that are added really give it more as they have done throughout this release, a good closer.

In closing this is some killer Death Metal and anybody into this genre should check this out, as the band has the sound to go further.

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Phantasmagore – Insurrection or Submission (2021)

Release date: March 29th, 2021
Label: Independent

Well were do I even start, been wanting to feature this band and what a hell of a release this is as it pretty much floored me as it has this Dead Infection (POL) feel to it and with that you can’t go wrong in my book.

Overwhelming Recognition, the first of the five tracks on here sets the mood on the ass kicking you will get here this is a sheer bone crushing head splitting piece with a superb production that packs a might, an awesome opener to this and you just got to love the opening of Drips Echoes Through the Chasm, slow and brutal with this great tone on the guitar and it picks up might as it goes, strong as fuck as it will crush you even more as it goes on, great bass solo in here and then it rips you apart, excellent stuff.

Will say the vocals on here are just right, sick and grotesque that will please anybody into this, as we go onto Deadly, and the title fits well as this is an instrumental but the fucker rips and catchy as hell another winner on here and the goods continue on Insurrection or Submission, this has its own feel and still really catchy with different tempos thrown through out the composition it will grab you as well.

To the closer Post Mortem Mutilation, more of the goods delivered here as well, the drums to me really stood out here as they are being bashed to hell, the track breaks down for a second and then this killer lead comes in then it ends in full glory.

All I can say this release should take this band to the next level and hopefully some label picks this up and gives it a physical release, one of the best of the year so far.

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Fuego Eterno – El Arte de lo Oculto (2020)

Fuego Eterno
Release date: January 15th, 2021
Label: Independent

Here is a very interesting release as this death thrash band used to go by the name Renegades but changed it for the better as it fits the music better, the first release under the new moniker.

And from the start of Hipnosis, you hear this tremendous bass come in and it basically is heard through out the track but this isn’t aggressive as you would think to open up an album with as the vocals are perfect to get that out of the way, but back to the music this has a lot of breaks that take your soul all over the place as there is a ton of vibes on here and the title pretty much fits this and the musicianship really shines on here as this got better the more I listened it.

On Sumergidos en el placer y el dolor the band comes out storming like I would expect, this shows the death thrash I was expecting and it delivers well and when the bass solo comes in this took it to another dimension a fucking excellent track! and Destrucción del condicionamiento is up there as well with this really grabbing riff at the start and the vocals really stand out here but gets better as I can hear the band puts a lot of different hooks to their music and it really stands out, the ripping leads on here are amazing!

With a heavy bluesy vibe at the start of Inocencia consumida, this adds even more flare to this release as later it comes in more heavier but you have to hear the guitar work on here, its something else as it slows down midway through and gets insane vocally at the end and then the way the band ends it is just right, Dios hizo la carne, pero el diablo al carnicero, pretty long title for a long track as well, a very high speed track from the start and breakdown comes in that brings another edge to it as you hear a female vocal in the background as the main vocal is powerful as hell, but then it slows down even more but with this excellent lead to back it up as this really heavy vibe comes in and finishes off with a really hard fast fist pounding feel to it, good stuff.

To the title track El arte de lo oculto, kind of strange at the beginning due to the vocal effect used but it starts out heavy then a major slow down as the bass comes in then the guitars take over as it speeds up a bit more then the whole band goes off into this hypnotic sounding piece that feels like your spinning into oblivion, very interesting number, the closer Al borde del abismo, and this starts out really slow not what you would expect and it starts coming up very slowly and being the longest track on here expect a lot of changes as it gets heavier as it goes along and I mean that as the speed intensifies, and breaks down again half way but then it goes off at full force towards the end, good closer.

After hearing this a few times it grew on me to be honest, some might call this tech because all the changes, but its different for sure but its catchy as hell, all the compositions are written well and that is what caught my ear the most, a strong release no doubt.

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Cadaveric Cult – Spiritual Migration (2021)

Cadaveric Cult
Release date: February 5th, 2021
Label: Burning Coffin Records

Well here we have yet another new death metal band which has members or Putrid Evocation in it, a three track demo of some really brain crushing mayhem this will pound your head in.

And from the get go on Transhumation, this has a very heavy doom like feeling to it and it gets heavier and more punishing as it goes, reminds me a little of Demilich at some times, great riffage on here and the vocals are superb real dark and grotesque.

Descent even takes this to another level as this has that same hard doomy feel but sucks you in with how deep it goes and then when it puts the drive in this wicked lead shines out as this piles into your skull, this track will floor you!

The closer Reincarnation Transmigration is just as strong as the previous but more speed offered here, the tone on the guitars is just perfect and one of the main ingredients this band has in their music, excellent with out a doubt.

A total crusher of a demo this needs more exposure as the band has all the goods needed, I hope they get signed as I’ll be the first in line for a full length debut.

Sepulchral Rites – Death and Bloody Ritual (2021)

Sepulchral Rites
Released: January 18, 2021
Label: Dunkelheit Produktionen

Been waiting for this and its finally arrived, this female trio and there death metal attack in form of a 5 track EP and on a German label which is always good.

But lets get into it as the Intro comes in with a spoken word of which I have no clue what it is then the bass comes in as the rest of the band follows as this has a really mean and dirty vibe to it and gets faster as it goes, a really good opener.

As we go into Hidden Among Roots, and the pounding continues and after these two tracks I would call this more on the death thrash side as its got some good speed to it and the vocals are pretty good (Hellwitch) as she calls herself has a great set of pipes on her, excellent growls that up there with the big boys and the track is blazing as well with a break that adds more to the depth as it storms out with all guns cranked to the maximum.

And man does it get better, Possession has a different feel on the vocals as they seem even lower at the beginning but this comes right at you and all of a sudden this part a lead comes in, and its an all out war as the band rips up a storm and then breaks down to crushing but ignites again to the end.

Sacrifice, this sounds just right as its has crunchy beginning and then goes into a faster gear as the band is taking us to the ritual, some really grabbing riffs on here and the heavy slow breakdown puts more effect on the whole thing, heavy stuff!

It ends with Demented Rites and with a more doomy feeling at the start but then goes off with this really whirlwind of a riff that grabs before breaking down again as it fades off and that spoken word comes in again as it fades out.

A really strong release that I plan on getting as only the digital format is out, the label has set March 20th as the release date for vinyl and cd formats and pre sales are up already so get a copy.

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