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Darkspell – Into the Darkness (2020)

Release date: November 6th, 2020
Label: ThreeMetal Forces Distro/Independent

Well its been along time since I gave this band a listen, as I remember giving an ear to their first demo from 2018 and wanted to hear what would come of them and I seen they released a few singles in between and now this full length of death thrash.

From the first notes of the opener Tormented Mind, I could hear these guys had stepped it and where now ready to unleash this chaos on the underground and an assault of pure heaviness was to come, the ripping leads on here really impressed me and a very old school sound to top it off.

And it continues on Endless Abyss with a very heavy groove that pounds and the blazing leads on here really crush, fucking killer shit that will drill your ears, and Punished by Your Own Hand, this track really hit the spot with a heavy riff that pounds and then it up roars as it takes a new life that will leave you floored.

And from the previous track the whole album just went into another dimension as Burn the Church from the opening just goes for the throat! the vocals on here are right to the point, just pure evil the way it should be, and bashing keeps rolling on Into the Darkness as this storms in but then the breakdown which is slow but has so much feeling with a great lead and then after a such awesome reprise as it gets heavy as hell an excellent track!

Darkspell the track is straight on with some blazing leads that deliver but what comes next on
Gates of Hell, well here you have another onslaught as this has all you would want as this will crush you, want extreme this is it!

As we near the end the raging continues on Evil Returns the guitar work on here is ravishing and will leave you floored, a very catchy number as you can hear in the vocals and the band never gives up as the closer Otherside is brutal as it should be as this pounds and when it goes off this delivers the guitar leads left me with grin of delight.

You want to talk about a excellent piece of underground release, give this a yell to the fuckers that don’t know this is gem, total support!

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