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Cortejo Fúnebre – Profano (2020)

Cortejo Fúnebre
Release date: June 6th, 2020
Label: Infernal Death Productions

For a debut for a band with no earlier material this is an amazing release, Black/Death is says in the archives but this is more on the Death/Thrash side to my ears to be honest.

Eight tracks on here and I won’t get into the whole thing but from Inquisición this release goes into a maniacal frenzy of pure rage, the tracks are sung in Spanish but even adds more intensity to the whole thing, the vocals are sick as they need to be.

They have no bass player which doesn’t matter, the tracks have all kind of great hooks to them, the track Esbirros del mal is a pure out assault with all these riffs going off all over the place. Things change up on El infierno de Demóstemes as here the band takes a different aim in the beginning but burst into insanity near the end, way different but still hits the spot.

And believe me that the relentless onslaught continues on after, if you like fast shit to kill to, this album has all you want, killer ripping leads on the title track that will leave you floored and some killer crunchy riffs thrown in once in awhile and then the band explodes again on almost all the tracks.

Glad I came across this release cause I always have a love for bands that have this type of intense aggression to get away from the other stuff, only thing that is a downer is its only available in digital format but I talked to the label and they mentioned maybe in the near future an actual physical release will come out. which I hope cause this kills!

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