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Hexerei / Cold Darkness – Hexed Winds of Darkness (2020) Split

Hexerei/Cold Darkness
Release date: April 9th, 2020
Label: Infernal Death Productions

Here is an interesting split of two new bands on the scene, this was my first time hearing these two with Hexerei (Black/Death) compared to Cold Darkeness (Black), four tracks from each band.

Hexerei opens up with Black Flame and from the get go this comes out with a rage and the sound reminded me of something like Aura Noir, etc. and even with the slower part as it gets into the chorus this track is a good opener and I was into this from the start.

This next track The Supreme Evil is a bit different with more tempo changes but its very powerful as it has its own character to it and it does kill and will mention the vocals that are heard here are just right, a short to the point track.

Darkened Night of Ritual is a bit longer and breaks out to kill and later a slower tempo comes in to make this quite a bit different but still has a driving end that should please anybody as we go into the closer Legions, and this one is a killer closer as I really like the lyrics on this one and its catchy, as all the ingredients the band has shown are here, so a good closer for this side.

So onto Cold Darkness and with a dark growl to start on Over the South Covered in Blood this you can tell is more on the Black side, the vocals and riffage prove it and not that raw type BM more with catchy hooks thrown in, a good start with lots of anger in the lyrics.

And The Embrace of Satan comes out with a roar with total speed crushing before a mid tempo change and more raging, a short track that has a lot of flare to it, as we go into Cold Darkness and this is the track that really stood out as the drums on here are fucking excellent! and this is just pure evil with a splendid drive that really grabbed me, a top notch track.

Outro closes it out, a short instrumental that ends this on a high note.

I did some research on both these bands and both have previous releases and Cold Darkness has a full length but impossible to find at this point, I dig both bands as this split really has some great tracks that never got dull, I admit nothing ground breaking but what both bands deliver here is something I always liked, so a thumbs up for a good release.

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