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Codex – Aponia (2020)

Release date: April 22nd, 2020
Label: Independent

Codex has been around for while now with their brand of death metal and it’s been awhile since I done a review on them, since the first release to be exact but really had to do something for this new EP as its shows how the band has grown since 2016 and is basically two maniacs behind this now.

So here we have 6 tracks and for openers this band has always had good production just to get that out of the way, so it opens up with Ataraxia which has this gutsy guitar riff that shoots right at you as the vocals come in which add to the flare of the track and this is pure death metal as the lyrics fit perfectly well for this opener that even gets better as it goes with these really heavy tempo changes that are a delight to the ears so a great opener!

And it gets even better on Macuñ as this one comes in at a faster pace with a real hard drive and what I’m really liking in these tracks are the breakdowns they have added some really catchy shit that really hits the mark and makes you want to raise that fist in delight, El sol tras la luna is up next and from title I’ll let you know these guys sing in the native language but it doesn’t matter and this track adds to the delight as it takes things to another level as this is more on the slower side but has a whole new feeling with the spoken part in the beginning but after that it gets heavy, its got its own feeling that just made this one a really good one I just love this track with all its feeling in it.

Martillo de brujas hell yeah! this one is the kill song as I would call it the lyrics here are just killer and about just as the title says busting heads and all that good shit and the music is fine as well, pure evil here excellent! and this rage continues on Dos minutos but more on a different level this is really one hell of a pounding track as its going out to kill with no doubt, one of the more faster paced tracks on here and to the point.

To end this Vae Victis, well this is very deep as the lyrics really put the feel to what the message is and it is what is going on in this world as the music fits perfect really doomy and shows what the power of music can do.

I would highly give this an ear as this release is a gem in my book really good material that is worth a listen as it has a lot of depth to it.

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