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Cadaveric Cult – Spiritual Migration (2021)

Cadaveric Cult
Release date: February 5th, 2021
Label: Burning Coffin Records

Well here we have yet another new death metal band which has members or Putrid Evocation in it, a three track demo of some really brain crushing mayhem this will pound your head in.

And from the get go on Transhumation, this has a very heavy doom like feeling to it and it gets heavier and more punishing as it goes, reminds me a little of Demilich at some times, great riffage on here and the vocals are superb real dark and grotesque.

Descent even takes this to another level as this has that same hard doomy feel but sucks you in with how deep it goes and then when it puts the drive in this wicked lead shines out as this piles into your skull, this track will floor you!

The closer Reincarnation Transmigration is just as strong as the previous but more speed offered here, the tone on the guitars is just perfect and one of the main ingredients this band has in their music, excellent with out a doubt.

A total crusher of a demo this needs more exposure as the band has all the goods needed, I hope they get signed as I’ll be the first in line for a full length debut.