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Bestial Mortem – Epístola de inminente colapso (2022)

Bestial Mortem
Release date: March 2nd, 2022
Label: Independent

After delivering a pretty solid EP a couple of years ago, we get this new demo from the band.

Some solid Blackened Death Metal is delivered on the 4 tracks offered here.

Infausta Epifanía opens up and this crushes as it opens with a great drive the drums really stand out on this, great tempo changes in here a solid opener, as we go into Anhedonia de una efígie with a more guitar filled intro this builds up as it goes with a slow pace to start this gets better as the drive builds up but comes down again, vice versa to be real but good.

And it really gets good on Distopía Inexorable, this track is super catchy with some great hooks thrown in, this is the highlight to me at this point an excellent slab of metal that goes into the closer Remanente Memoria which starts out slow but then it goes off into a faster pace but then slows down again but the ending is quite pleasing to the ears.

Good shit that needs to be heard; you can download a copy on their Bandcamp page.