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Sombras y Fuego – Tiranía Oculta (2020)

Sombras y Fuego
Release date: March 15th, 2020
Label: Independent

Here is a Death/Thrash/Black Metal project of one man and this first demo is a killer! Three tracks of pure rip your face off material of pure hate.

Muerte a cada segundo, starts this off and from the get go I was impressed on how good the production is on here and the lyrics are perfect as they can relate to things that are happening these days and the music is extreme as you can get it, this is right up my alley when it comes to heavy fucking shit! A excellent starter to this demo.

This next track Terrorismo como respuesta is just as good as the first, no letting down, and very interesting guitar sound that reminded me of that old band Mental Distortion from years ago, but this has a life of it’s own and never let me down, good shit!

To close this off Fuego en las calles which just by the title you should know what this is about and fuck this is my favorite track on here as it shreds the whole way through with such an on the point lyrical content it made my day finding this band.

As I read what is said on the bands Bandcamp page this is just a preview of a full length that will come out and I’m really looking forward to that in the future, this rules! check it out.

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Violent Jaws – Víctimas de la Mentira (2019)

Violent Jaws
Release date: December 29th, 2019
Label: Axe Victims Records

Here we have this Black Thrash bands second demo but more official as the first was a rehearsal and I been wanting to hear this as I seen this band has done a few gigs and always wanted to hear what was behind this distinctive bands name.

And we get five tracks two sung in spanish and the other two in english and a instrumental to close it out, and this first number Ahogado en el silencio del abismo sets the mood on what this band has to offer some great speed with some tempo changes that are all catchy and this is raw no doubt and it grabbed me real good, nothing that hasn’t been done before but its done well on here anybody that likes that old school feel its well presented here.

Victimas de la Mentira, the title track is even better as it starts out with a tight pounding riff before it goes into a frenzy of chaos, I must say the vocals might be kind of drowned out a bit on here but really doesn’t matter much but this rules with a killer bass line thrown in for good measure and we go onto these two next tracks sung in english Placer Bestial and Violent Jaws and the language doesn’t make a difference both tracks are killer the first one was a bit short but the second is one of the best on here as it rips and pounds like I like it.

The instrumental closer Subterranea Adoración is a awesome track that drives and makes you want more, I really liked this demo as everything on here is catchy so the wait to hear this was worth it and hopefully we get a full length next time out, I put the whole demo below so you can check it out.


Demolishing – The Fallen (2019)

Release date: October 1st, 2019
Label: No Mercy Reks

A band I heard about a few years ago as I picked up the last release Ascension and was wondering what happened to them but here we get this new one that the time off was worth it as this new EP is a gem.

Fuck! do where I even start with this as this is a step up from the last one, the opener A Bright Light Into the Abyss has a this great opening feel as it has a black and glorious feel to it, and oh man the production on here really makes this band stand out better than ever, I was knocked on my ass on how good this is the vocals have a pure spirit to it.

And then we break into Spiritual Offering, haha fuck man is this some headbashing lunacy, over the top as this will crush! even with the breaks it kills! I don’t care about the slower brakes on here because they add to the goodness of the track, a brilliant piece.

As we go on to Negative Paradigm, and what a beautiful piece this is as its long but a vibe that will just grab you as it has so much to offer as it has so much feeling to it as it just has a drive to it being a very long track, I was so impressed by this as it covers all the good things I was not expecting a classic in its own way, a gem of a track.

Fuck man is you think this couldn’t get any better then comes Final Prayer, which is brutal pounding as it has this over all feel to it as the band is purely out to kill, these awesome riffs that take you to a land unknown, it’s truly something you need to hear to appreciate.

So we end this brilliant slab with No Life Beyond Death and its as good as the whole thing heavy pounding in the beginning then we go off with the sick vocals we have been delivered through the whole thing and the brilliant vocals that add so much to this release, one of the longest tracks on here but a great closer.

A great piece any true fucker out there needs to get a true underground band,no social media what so ever take it from ECM this is the true only buy from the label or die!

Hellish – Poison (2019)

Release date: November 14th, 2019
Label: Street Metal Blasphemy/Unspeakable Axe Records

Some new material from Hellish a band that has made a name for themselves by now and this 3 track EP is a scorcher and from the opening riff on Black Tower the band is out to slay your ass!pure aggression just the way this band has been doing it since the start and there is no letting down, and the title track Poison even with some tempo changes this is a delight to hear as the vocals of Necromancer are brutal and the leads on here are just exceptional, another skull crushing track.

The final track is a Protector cover (Apocalyptic Revolution) and being a fan of theirs this cover does the original justice as it smokes as it puts a new life into this track fits well with the rest of the EP.

This is available on tape format on Street Metal Blasphemy and the vinyl is coming out later this month on
Unspeakable Axe Records so get this as its a pure delight on the ears, I was hooked on the first listen,good shit!

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Destroying Texas Fest 15: A Look Back

Well this being the first time I ever attended this festival I was pretty much floored by the whole experience, I got there early on day 1 knowing Invocation Spells was the second band and I didn’t want to miss them so everything went well as I got to see Venereal Baptism from Texas and was impressed by the bands set and then I went to the front of the stage to catch Invocation Spells and man did they kill it! A blistering set with old and new tracks that left the crowd pretty floored, after they played I went and hungout with the band and was amazed on how they made a new bunch of fans that night and their merchandise was selling which was a good thing.

Hanging with a few members of Diabolical Messiah,Invocation Spells and John Johnston on the first night.

For me that first night was the best as I hungout with both the bands from Chile and had a few drinks and talked about all kinds of metal and other shit and yeah all the bands that night were amazing Goatpenis and Sadistic Intent just killed, as their sets set the crowd going wild! so it was a fantastic start to this 3 day event.

Day 2 was a more of a relax day and you could tell from the debauchery of the night before and I noticed not as many people came out as the first and the sound for some reason wasn’t as loud as the first night and it was hot in the place but Nunslaughter and The Chasm were the highlights for me, Master was good but Paul Speckmann was out of it that night as he was complaining between songs about the sound and just rambling shit which the crowd pretty much got fed up with as I seen people leaving and others yelling at them to play and stop the bullshit so day 2 kind of ended fucked up.

Day 3 was excellent! As soon as I arrived I go in and turn to the stage and Diabolical Messiah start their set and I went right to the front and they had a few technical difficulties but were fixed quick and they crushed! I was amazed on how brutal their set was and they even gave them time to do another song as the crowd was yelling for more which was a good thing because I read earlier they were only given 35 min to play, I was in disbelief when I read that fuck all the way from Chile and that much time to be honest they should of played later.

The three day wristband for the fest.

And the next band on Sabbath Assembly was one thing I wondered why they even were put on the fest as they are Psychedelic Rock, Doom Metal but nothing extreme compared to the rest,I went an drank a few beers while they played and caught them on their last song and kinda felt bad for them as the crowd was never really into them so they didn’t even say nothing as they left the stage. Then it got good again but I was waiting for Massacre the most, I had a chat with Kam Lee earlier and try to tell him about the old days when we used chat by letters but he forgot who I was even mentioned the gig back in 1990 and he didn’t remember the venue, I also asked this to Rick Rozz on a different occasion that night he didn’t remember either which blew my mind but anyhow they came out and did their set and the highlight was when they did a few Mantas tracks but it ended too quick as Kam said they didn’t have anymore material to play that they didn’t think it was gonna go down this good so that was it, the to close out Nocturnas A.D. came on, to be honest I was never into this band so I stayed and only watched half their set and called it a day.

To end this I’d like to say it was a great fest lots of underground merchandise being sold, I could of taken a lot of pics with band members but I passed on that cause it just ain’t my thing anymore.but a big Hail goes out to Elio and Diabolical Messiah, Camilo and Invocation Spells for the good talk and all oh and one more to the two female comrades I met at the hotel that showed me a bit of the town while there Andy and Lily, hope I got that right, if you read this get a hold of me and if things go well will see each other next year.

Mayhemic – Mortuary Feast of Skeletons (2019)

Release date: March 18th, 2019
Label: Independent

The second offering from the band a 4 track EP which leaves off where the first demo left us.

Some killer riffing from the opening track Shaking Ground as this gets this off to blistering ear splitting sound that should get your fill as soon as you hear it, and it keeps tearing at you on the title track, this one is heavy as fuck! was a bit different paced at the start but then all hell breaks loose as this will crush you.

The band certainly has that old school feeling to it, a lot of old Kreator vibe to it but only when it comes to the music as the vocals speak for themselves which I have no complain and you can hear it well as the production on here is perfect!

Death Spawn is a bit different at first but it’s catchy as hell, a killer lead in here but this one really of all the tracks has a old school feel to it as it seems I heard something like this somewhere back in the day and it will slay you no doubt and when Demian (Vocals, Guitars) screams out Death Spawn! it grabs you instantly a true headbanger here.

And to finish this off Mayhemic and fuck yes! this will leave you floored as this is an all out assault on your mind, I could imagine seeing this live, a pit of maniacs losing it on this one without a doubt a crushing closer.

I highly recommend this,as there isn’t a dull moment on here, more info on the flyer below on how to get a copy.

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Invocation Spells – Spread Cruelty in the Abyss (2018)

Invocation Spells
Release date: April 17th, 2018
Label: Hell’s Headbangers Records

Invocation Spells must be easily one of the most prolific bands in the chilean underground in recent years. This is their fourth full length in merely five years, which is pretty remarkable considering that a lot of bands release a demo and then disappear for 5 years. Anyway, what matters to us is the music, and in this case it’s a good thing that quantity does not mean lack of quality.

What you will find here is some savage Black/Thrash Metal the way it’s supposed to be played, but Invocation Spells give their personal touch to the classic sound of the genre, with a lot of pace changes, and some nice little details, like the clean vocals in Spread Cruelty or the violin intro in Obscure and Evil. Coincidentally, those two are some of my favourite tracks on this album, alongside with Victims of Doom.

Sound-wise there is not much to complain about. The production is clean, but not plastic. The drums’ sound is powerful enough without drowning the rest of the instruments, the guitars have the right mixture of sharpness and rawness, the bass serves as almost a second guitar, but with it’s own personality, the vocals have the right dose of reverb. The only thing that I believe that the band should pay some more attention to are the lyrics. Some of them seem as a mix of verses with no real connection between each other, and of course, there’s the “broken-english” thing, but that doesn’t bother me that much (it’s basically a trademark in Metal since the beginning).

This album fits perfectly in the style of some other killer chilean bands like Miserycore, Infernal Slaughter, Perversor, Necromantic Forces, Attacker Bloody Axe, Invincible Force or Blasfemia (to name just a few). A must buy if you are into this style of savagery.

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