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Diabol – Lunatic Abominations (2022)

Release date: March 13th, 2022
Label: Metallian Onslaught Records

Back with a new EP and a better production, if you got into the bands first demo you will like this as well, lots of dirty black/thrash but this has a punk attitude as well, it shows on Lonewolf Rider as this is good but nothing new as other bands have done it before. Noxferatv comes on strong with the bass pounding at the start and it has a good vibe all the way through.

Sangre en el tridente, to this point this is one of the more outstanding tracks on here as its pretty in your face at the start but takes a new turn at the end but I still think it rules, Gargoyles one thing I noticed as they are using English and Spanish in the lyrics and on this one it shows, but this track is kinda weak compared to the previous.

Lunatico, gets us back into a more kick ass groove, there is a blazing lead in here and just more aggression and those backing chants add to the thrill of it. and this next one Sierpe is a bit strange as the way it is sung at thr begining but it picks up a bit and has its own life to it, not bad but out there, Burnout which is a cover of The Carburetors is not what I expected to close this. as the song has a rock n roll feel to it.

This didn’t calculate in my brain as much as the first demo did it has its high and lows. just have to see what comes next.


Blasart – Depravatus (2022)

Release date: July 29th, 2022
Label: Independent

Another band that hasn’t done anything in awhile but have returned, being labeled black metal, I would go more on black/thrash as these 3 tracks on this EP are speed filled.

Rage filled Call of the Sacred Phallus, this surprised me on the first listen as it has all the goods inbedded in it, great aggression here and good production that kept me satisfied as we roll on to Profanation of the Nazarenes Death a more blasphemic track as far as the lyrics go and the intensity is there but you will hear this vocal part that is weaker but this still rages.

And closing Ritual of Poisonous Immersion which is hard driving to the point and ends this on a solid note.

If this is the bands new direction then its a winner, I sure would be interested in future projects, you can get this for free on their Bandcamp.


Repugnatory – Eterna Abominación (2022)

Release date: August 27th, 2022
Label: Independent

One of the more consistent bands on the scene, these guys put out albums right after the other this being the fourth and one of their best yet.

Ritual opens it up and this goes straight for the blasphemy that will be covered here, if you know this band by now you will hear that they use that same formula they been using on their music previously but here it sounds better the production is excellent! this track kills.

As Supremacía infernal sounding like a crusher from start this rides along with verocious power, its pure evil as it goes, the band is going off here. Viendo el cielo caer, have to love the titles on these and this is just right, the track has a great flow to it and leaving me with a vicious grin on me to this point. Dios muerto a little different than previous but gets better as it goes, the ending parts are really good, La voz de los espíritu is just an instrumental as filler as we get back to business on Conteplaras el horror a good driving track that fits in well on this release but it gets heavier on Espanto del más allá which is quite short but delivers the punch.

The title track to close and wouldn’t want it any other way as everybody is going off here as this is the longest track and everybody is taking a shot and a strange quick ending.

This has got to be my fvorite release by the band so far, as it’s well put together, all the tracks are composed right, just hoping sor a physicl copy in the future.


Krux – Dystopian Visions (2022)

Release date: September 4th, 2022
Label: Independent

A band that went under the name Krull but now changed the name, now they taken a more Blackened Thrash Metal approach to their music as it looks like they have a new vocalist added to their ranks as well.

And from the opener Apokalyptor the first thing that struck out for me were the vocals as they are strong and this is the only track sung in spanish on here, as far as the music it’s varies as it has a good drive but they throw in some cmplex changes not what bands usually do playing this style, an interesting opener.

A litte more aggression on Serpent Dreams as the drums get more of a pounding on here, the band take it up a notch on this one and it carries on into Straight to Hell and this sounds like where going there as the vocals lead us there, the spoken part adds to the whole thing.

As we get into Divine Technology and this one is up there to, as it covers a subject I can get into, has a good vibe through out the whole thing as the closer Dark Age has this feel to it, of darkness, of what the world is headed to, not the fastest track but has its own life to it, really needs to be heard to be enjoyed.

Not a bad debut under the new name, as it has some good high points, give it a listen you might like what you hear.


Xilpillah – Promo Live (2022)

Release date: July 28, 2022
Label: Independent

Another new comer to the scene we get this live promo and they go under the Black /Thrash Metal genre according to their Facebook page, and both these tracks on here are pretty good, both show two sides of the band and both are solid tracks.

They need to get into a studio and show what they really got, I sure will be hoping for more and hopefully soon.


Mayhemic – The Darkest Age (2022)

Release date: August 26th, 2022
Label: Awakening Records

When this first popped up om my screen I thought the band had finally launched it’s first full length but it was to good to be true as this is a compilation of the bands previous work put on one release.

I think the only thing on here that has never been released is the Dying Victims (Kreator cover) so nothing really mind blowing, I figured something like this was coming out sooner or later, a good piece to have if your a collector, those who have their material already, you won’t be missing much if you don’t have this. the packageing looks interesting though.


Repugnatory – Alma Impura (2022)

Release date: March 15th, 2022
Label: Narcoleptica Productions/MCDT Company

This band needs no introduction as they been around spewing their black/thrash for a while now with 3 full lengths to their credit, this is the latest EP they released to the masses.

The Intro has a haunting feeling that leads to Nada Sagrado Quedará, and this comes off as a solid number, the vocals are as good as you can get them for this type of metal, sung in Spanish they come out better which gave me hope on what was to come, Ahogado En Tu Tormento with a title like that I expected a crusher as it opens with a strong riff but it changed a bit later but if you listen closely to it, it keeps repeating itself and it just got kinds boring but the lead they put in it saved it to be honest.

Alma Impura things get a bit better on here as the band are belting the hell out here this is more like it, as Visión De Muerte, closes this out with a great punch, it took me a couple of listens to this to finally get it, Outro (Estás En El Infierno) closes it out an acoustic piece that puts a good end to it.

Not a bad release and glad to have it in my collection and the band keeps the flame lit which is what matters.


Metalcoholicnight – Demo MMXXII (2022)

Release date: February 28th, 2022
Label: Independent

So, some obscure Black/Thrash Metal, as this duo is based in New Zealand but both members are Chilean, as I researched, I found out this is their second demo and has 4 tracks of some promising sounds.

Nuke the world starts this out and has an intro before it goes into action and at first, it’s kind of slow but it explodes after as it rips and shows the part of the band we were hoping for as it has all the goods in it, the vocals are just right as well as the speed. Bored of living is on the same track but its short and goes straight into Sheltered by the dark and this track has a little more to offer as it rides through, and another side of the band comes out as by saying the sound and it shows they can do more as the closer Aberración which is probably their best on here as this shreds with some great riffs all over the place and a solid pounding through the whole thing.

I see promise in the band as they have some good ideas put into this demo, so I hope to hear more in the future.


Morbid Holocaust – Demo (2022)

Morbid Holocaust
Release date: January 12th, 2022
Label: Independent

The lateest from this wrecking crew, a three track demo of what I see, two tracks have been released on earlier demos but this is my first time hearing any of them.

And for starters Two Millenial Halves and this comes out full force which surprised me as this is what the band reminded me of back when I first heard them a few years ago but they have added different passages to their music in recent years and it comes in midway through this track but don’t be alarmed as this destroys.

Soy is more on the punishing side, this rips like hell all out onslaught of pure aggression that will satisfy those that need a fix of this type, Volver comes straight forward as well and has a few tempo changes in it but take nothing of the rawness that is being spread as this has a great feel to it, especially the part where the lead comes in.

If this is a definition of whats to come I will take it, all tracks are solid as hell and should be heard.

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Tenebrosidad – Cruel juego de la conciencia (2021)

Release date: November 25th, 2021
Label: Sepulcro Prod.

After last year’s La última palabra será de Satanás EP which caught my ear, I was surprised when I see this pop up so let’s see what Mr. Boris has come up with this time.

And right after the Intro it burst into La última decisión and if you like black thrash the old school way than this is right up there, lots of gripping riffage offered here and a sick guitar tone on the leads, good shit!

Bastardo decapitado for me was one of the first tracks that really grabbed me with a bunch of tempo changes and just that opening riff that rips at you and the vocals are sick as they get as the anger and aggression is there as well the bass is heard quite clearly here and the pace goes right into Atormentado hasta la muerte and with some crunchy riffage that will get you, there is some great speed here and the lead will rip you new one, another topper.

El daño mental jamás desaparecerá, with a different feel but still punishing this got better with each listen as a different variety you could call it was the vibe, I got from it. really enjoyable with all the tempo changes. but things really change on Cruel juego de la conciencia which is an instrumental which shows a way different side on what Mr. Boris has in his mind and I enjoyed it very much to take a break from the chaos, which sets in well on the release.

Back to the madness on Se acaba tu vida…se acaba el dolor, which drills at the start hard pounding as hell and a bass break put in for good measures and the exploding lead that follows, fills the need and goes into Recuerdo con forma de espectro which is a galloper if you like that but for some reason near the end the production got muddy and raw sounding but overall a good number.

The closer La última noche, opens up with this macabre sounding keyboard part but then we get into it as the vocals are really outstanding here as well its punishing with an excellent drive as it fades into oblivion.

A good follow up to the EP some driving black thrash that I hope gets a worldwide release soon as I need this in my collection.

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