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Repugnatory – Alma Impura (2022)

Release date: March 15th, 2022
Label: Narcoleptica Productions/MCDT Company

This band needs no introduction as they been around spewing their black/thrash for a while now with 3 full lengths to their credit, this is the latest EP they released to the masses.

The Intro has a haunting feeling that leads to Nada Sagrado Quedará, and this comes off as a solid number, the vocals are as good as you can get them for this type of metal, sung in Spanish they come out better which gave me hope on what was to come, Ahogado En Tu Tormento with a title like that I expected a crusher as it opens with a strong riff but it changed a bit later but if you listen closely to it, it keeps repeating itself and it just got kinds boring but the lead they put in it saved it to be honest.

Alma Impura things get a bit better on here as the band are belting the hell out here this is more like it, as Visión De Muerte, closes this out with a great punch, it took me a couple of listens to this to finally get it, Outro (Estás En El Infierno) closes it out an acoustic piece that puts a good end to it.

Not a bad release and glad to have it in my collection and the band keeps the flame lit which is what matters.


Metalcoholicnight – Demo MMXXII (2022)

Release date: February 28th, 2022
Label: Independent

So, some obscure Black/Thrash Metal, as this duo is based in New Zealand but both members are Chilean, as I researched, I found out this is their second demo and has 4 tracks of some promising sounds.

Nuke the world starts this out and has an intro before it goes into action and at first, it’s kind of slow but it explodes after as it rips and shows the part of the band we were hoping for as it has all the goods in it, the vocals are just right as well as the speed. Bored of living is on the same track but its short and goes straight into Sheltered by the dark and this track has a little more to offer as it rides through, and another side of the band comes out as by saying the sound and it shows they can do more as the closer Aberración which is probably their best on here as this shreds with some great riffs all over the place and a solid pounding through the whole thing.

I see promise in the band as they have some good ideas put into this demo, so I hope to hear more in the future.


Morbid Holocaust – Demo (2022)

Morbid Holocaust
Release date: January 12th, 2022
Label: Independent

The lateest from this wrecking crew, a three track demo of what I see, two tracks have been released on earlier demos but this is my first time hearing any of them.

And for starters Two Millenial Halves and this comes out full force which surprised me as this is what the band reminded me of back when I first heard them a few years ago but they have added different passages to their music in recent years and it comes in midway through this track but don’t be alarmed as this destroys.

Soy is more on the punishing side, this rips like hell all out onslaught of pure aggression that will satisfy those that need a fix of this type, Volver comes straight forward as well and has a few tempo changes in it but take nothing of the rawness that is being spread as this has a great feel to it, especially the part where the lead comes in.

If this is a definition of whats to come I will take it, all tracks are solid as hell and should be heard.

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Tenebrosidad – Cruel juego de la conciencia (2021)

Release date: November 25th, 2021
Label: Sepulcro Prod.

After last year’s La última palabra será de Satanás EP which caught my ear, I was surprised when I see this pop up so let’s see what Mr. Boris has come up with this time.

And right after the Intro it burst into La última decisión and if you like black thrash the old school way than this is right up there, lots of gripping riffage offered here and a sick guitar tone on the leads, good shit!

Bastardo decapitado for me was one of the first tracks that really grabbed me with a bunch of tempo changes and just that opening riff that rips at you and the vocals are sick as they get as the anger and aggression is there as well the bass is heard quite clearly here and the pace goes right into Atormentado hasta la muerte and with some crunchy riffage that will get you, there is some great speed here and the lead will rip you new one, another topper.

El daño mental jamás desaparecerá, with a different feel but still punishing this got better with each listen as a different variety you could call it was the vibe, I got from it. really enjoyable with all the tempo changes. but things really change on Cruel juego de la conciencia which is an instrumental which shows a way different side on what Mr. Boris has in his mind and I enjoyed it very much to take a break from the chaos, which sets in well on the release.

Back to the madness on Se acaba tu vida…se acaba el dolor, which drills at the start hard pounding as hell and a bass break put in for good measures and the exploding lead that follows, fills the need and goes into Recuerdo con forma de espectro which is a galloper if you like that but for some reason near the end the production got muddy and raw sounding but overall a good number.

The closer La última noche, opens up with this macabre sounding keyboard part but then we get into it as the vocals are really outstanding here as well its punishing with an excellent drive as it fades into oblivion.

A good follow up to the EP some driving black thrash that I hope gets a worldwide release soon as I need this in my collection.

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Profanación Sepulcral – Diseminacion del Insulto Repulsivo (2021)

Profanación Sepulcral
Release date: May 10th, 2021
Label: Propagator Propaganda/Infernal South Productions/Sick Rites

Here we have this upcoming blackened thrash metal band, I had listened to their earlier demos and heard this was promising so it was delight to see this release and here the production has been upgraded so that adds to the fuel.

We get some earlier tracks with new life and some new, I have the Euro version of this and it includes two bonus live tracks, so onto this splatter.

With a gravedigging effect with ghouls in the background as the intro to Insoportable padecimiento agonico, this one of the new tracks featured and it pretty much one of those tracks that start with a heavy slow bashing sound before going off into a more aggressive feel and it does deliver, the drums on here are to the tilt!

And we get the same on Cruel nigromante, señor de la ira, and will say the lyrics that go with these songs are better than expected as they were written with detail one of the good aspects I caught on here and this track is gripping as well as fast and slow parts fill it, mean and dirty as hell. Delirio sardonico is the third and new final original track featured here and this one has a life of its own with the drums bringing the chaos at the start this has a great drive as it soars through with the band going off here and this would be my topper of the new tracks featured here.

Negra cuspide abrupta and Repulsiva visión are the last studio tracks on here that where previously released and have a new life here and the first one really shows why I when I first heard it the band caught my ear, its a has a great drive to it as all hell breaks loose as it does on the last one as well as it shows as this is a creeper I would say as it gets heavier as it storms on a great ending to this ritual.

The two live bonus tracks on here are the last songs featured in the studio part and I think they are different than the ones that where on the live demo and I only say that by the date they were recorded, but inclosing this is a pretty good EP as it delivers with high expected energy, I highly recommend it!

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Prosatanos / Degotten – Demonic Fornication (2021)

Prosatanos / Degotten
Release date: January 3rd, 2021
Label: Total Death Records

A split that features the German band Prosatanos and Degotten which I’ll get into more on this release and 10 tracks featured here more by the Germans.

Basically a black thrash release, for me Prosatanos is something you would have to listen to the vocals are something you would want to hear first, the music is vicious and for me the strongest track is the only one they sung in German to close their part of the release so have a listen.

So onto Degotten and you can immediately here the difference between the bands and the first track Beast Fornication shows the power this band has always delivered with some great production on here that you can hear all the instruments just right and just the way the composition is written gives you a vibe these guys know how to slay your ass.

And this next one Whore (Hure) brought back memories of their earlier material and the bass really stands out here and it has a great drive and the vocals here are excellent as we go into Ravisher of Souls which opens with this crunchy riffing and then goes off into a more faster pace but it has an interesting break and the guitar work on here really stands out and keeps you glued to the whole thing, the way the whole thing rides out makes this one of the best on here.

Todeshymne, the closer and perfect as the horde comes out to kill, the double bass drums taking a beating is always good but this has that anthem feel to it for me and the band really has some great crushing parts in here and the vocal way this ends pretty much a great closer.

I found this out of nowhere and will say its good to hear Degotten again as this horde has always put out some killer shit! I just hope for another full length and maybe all these tracks on here will be on it so lets see whats next.

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Hexen Hammer – Destructo Máxima (2021)

Hexen Hammer
Release date: April 7th, 2021
Label: Independent

The three headed monster known as Hexen Hammer is back with a new EP of five tracks of Blackened Speed/Thrash Metal and if you got into the 2019 release this is right up there.

Anti Spiritual Belief opens this fucker up and no fucking around here the boys are out to kick your ass, good fast shit the way I expected from them a solid instrumental that goes right into the title track Destructo Máxima and this shit is what I expected fucking in for the kill, madness the band is back to kill this is impressive and then things calm down on Trauma but in a good way as this gets better as it goes and the chorus of Trauma adds to the track and the flow as it goes even made this better with some killer lead thrown in, a bit different but still solid.

Vomito en tu tumba and with a title like that I had a feeling this would be a crusher and yes it is the band is off here, total speed freak-out as it should be, crushing riffs to smash your ass as we go to Morir es morir to end this and it has a real insane vibe to it as its different but still a solid number with a gritty punch to it.

For me I hope the band gets more exposure as these guys have the balls to put a kick into what you would call a scene but the underground is where this band lives at the moment hope the masses catch on soon.

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Apostasy – Death Return (2021)

Release date: May 14th, 2021
Label: Fallen Temple

Apostasy needs no introduction as the band has been laying out some crushing metal for a few years now, here we have the third full length and here we get a few previous released tracks as well.

And an interesting sounding Intro / Death Return, and from Death Return we are off and no holding back this has some punch to it as the eerie vocal growl comes in and then the band explodes with a vengeance as it goes on with what is expected and I will say the production on here is perfect just listen to the ripping leads that fill this a killer opener.

Jus Primae Noctis oh hell what an excellent vibe from the start, this is bone crushing and in the best way, this will have your fill no doubt, even with the mid break the vocals come in just in the right way pure aggression, very catchy track as it reaps on, some killer pounding on here as we go onto Son of Hate and this one really got to me not as heavy speed filled at the start but hell then it goes off, for me this is one of the highlights on here, just a well written composition as it has so much feel as the vocals really add to the delight of the whole thing.

And we go onto Deceased in Funeral, an old favorite that has new life here and if you heard the original version it is heard perfectly here, always dug this track and here it shines even better so enjoy as it has gotten better, if you dig ripping leads you need check this out.

The Great Apostasy – The Night, you know what this is about if your a fan of the band and here it sounds better with todays technology, this shit will never get old and for a new generation of bangers this is just a taste of what was but delivered in a more brutal way for the ones just getting into the band.

Praise of Darkness, a bit different as this is short with a high vocal output and leads into Obey the Antichrist the final track on here and with a mid pace feel to it at the beginning and the vocals really strong this goes off after that, this is pounding lots of anger in bedded as it goes and different vibes put in for a strong closer as the band goes right to the point to end this.

For me this is what is expected from the band a really good release that should appeal to fans old and new. a solid release!

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Sick Violence – Hegemonía de la decadencia humana (2021)

Sick Violence
Release date: March 4th, 2021
Label: Tanatofobia Productions

After the cult classic debut “Metal Bitch” this long awaited follow up has been in the minds of metal maniacs for quite awhile now and what is different on here is the band instead of singing in English like last time now they have gone to Spanish and for the better as it adds more aggression you could say.

But from the start Desintegración is a sweet instrumental as you can hear the band is back with a vengeance, some really good head bashing material as it got me in the mood for the rest of this opus, En resistencia, here we get the first taste of the vocals and they did a great production cause this comes in crystal clear as well as all the instruments the fucking bass is smashing and the leads are on the mark a total destroyer of a track.

The opening of Insignificante a los ojos de la muerte has this real old school feel to it but my things get heavier as it goes on, the vocals are vicious on here and with different tempo changes this is another gem on here and it continues on Recalcitrante ilusión as this is a shredder right to the point, a crushing pace to fill your ass and you will hear as this has a vibe that will crush the weak a killer to the senses, top notch!

Hegemonía de la decadencia humana, the title track and yes it might be short but this adds to the glory that has been heard on here to this point straight forward then a midtempo part that kills and the lead that will cut you, fucking rips just the way I like it, good fucking shit! ha and right into Retrato de una muerte silenciosa, more ball busting madness this what extreme metal is all about this shit fucking kills! pure brutality to crush the weak, brilliant stuff!

Quimeras de libertad, the pounding continues on here as well as there is no letting up the guitar is on fire here this shit holds no grudges it simply ass kicking as it gets the way this track goes along is just so enticing to senses I was pretty floored by it and to the closer Transmutación, this being an instrumental that closes this masterpiece on a high note the band is heard straight on, with some really catchy hooks poured in this whole thing it left me ready for another dose.

Was the long wait worth it? Fuck yes! this is the topper of the year for me, I recommend this 100% a true classic, a must have in any collection.

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Tribulation – Chalice of Unlight (2021)

Release date: March 2nd, 2021
Label: Southern Blaze

Well good to hear some new material from this black horde as they released a full length last year which was basically all their previous works.

So here we have a three track EP and from Chalice of Unlight, this has a very heavy hard pounding feel in the beginning then the riffage gets a bit faster as the drive builds and the vocals here are crystal clear and I mean you can understand what the message is but as it goes it gets in depth I would say so not a bad opener.

An Empire of Total Dark comes in with killer guitar vibe as it rolls on, and it gets more interesting as it goes as the lyrics here are blasphemic as you would expect and the speed comes in as well near the end so not bad which leads into …And Our War Against Light Will Be Won which comes out blazing compared to what has been heard but this breaks down to a slower and dark feeling as it goes and just gets more dreary as it fades off in the end.

Not a bad release as the title track for me is the highlight here, and not really black thrash to be honest but good at what they deliver here as if you have listened to this bands material from the past they have different approaches to their music so you never know what will get but give it a chance you might like it.

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