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Hell Possession – Phantom Aggressor (2020)

Hell Possession
Release date: October 31st, 2020
Label: Independent

Was surprised when the news came that Hell Possession was back after a few years of not being on the map, but the way this has been promoted sounded like they were out to destroy even more now with a new line up.

This just being a two track single with an intro, as we go into Poltergeist, and with heavy bass line to start but then right into a frenzy of madness as this is out to take no prisoners, heavy pounding drums with lightning guitar riffs and blazing leads, a very impressive track with all the elements required.

For me Lord of Hate is the track that stands out more as it comes at you at full force, this is a beat down in the most positive way, a total shredder! a meek break where you can hear the pounding bass then roars back with some great leads, solid stuff.

So now we just have to wait for the full length as this has my approval.

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Hexen Hammer – Hexen Hammer (2019)

Hexen Hammer
Release date: March 11th, 2019
Label: Independent

I been wanting to do a review for this band for awhile now as they have a sound that reminds me of dirty bands like Gehennah, Intoxicate, Chainsaw etc. But with their own twisted feel to it as they are Blackened Speed/Thrash Metal and this EP has some heavy duty skull crushing shit on it.

Six tracks on this EP and it opens up with some slut being pounded on the title track Hexen Hammer as the intro but done quick as the track comes in and as soon as you hear it you know what to expect from the band as it goes along, it has that feeling I mentioned at the start but midway through it really turns it up a notch as it gets fucking heavy as fuck and it comes down back to its original heaviness but its a great opener to this.

The next track Nos comeremos a sus niños is something the band had previously released and here it sounds better than the demo version a sick crushing track as it simply pounds and just a reminder the vocals are sick just perfect and the added lead on here makes this even better so be prepared as it ends and goes right into Manifestación de odio, and here there is no letting up as these maniacs are out to slaughter your ass with a bit more flare here, and the drums really standout here pure kill! and the lead oh my what a delight, this one will have your blood flowing no doubt.

Siete plagas has no letting down either as it has some killer crunchy riffing installed in here that will keep the listener tuned in and again it has some ripping leads that really made the highlight of this one and now Retardofilia and this one just comes straight out to annihilate you straight out onslaught on your ass, no fucking around on this one as everything on here is in for the kill! one of the best tracks on here with out a doubt.

As we near the end Supremacía carnivora comes in and again the band has no letting down, the speed on the guitar just blows me away as this has a superb drive to it, even with the midway break down this one is up there as one of the best.

So now to the closer Larvas and yeah a great way to end this EP as you can hear everybody is going off at full tilt, the band knew how to organize the track list for sure as this was a great closer.

I definitely recommend checking this out as this band does what they do in the best way imaginable, they have physical copies so contact them on Facebook.

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Sign of Evil – Psychodelic Horror (2020)

Sign of Evil
Release date: February 2020
Label: Caligari Records/Edged Circle Productions

So here we have mastermind Camilo Pierattini aka Witchfucker (Invocation Spells,Dekapited,Speed Attack) and his solo project, I must admit as soon as he mentioned of this project I was wondering what more he could bring to the table as all his other bands simply shred.

So from Death Will Rise we get this dirty almost punky style bass intro but as soon as that part gets through the real element of what is going to be delivered here comes to light and nothing like his other bands as this has a life of its own, this first track is heavy as fuck with its own special taste so I was impressed with this, the rhythm guitar on here is just blazing!

Something to mention there is a lot of filler between tracks on here to give the demo that more powerful feel to it, so we go onto this next one Guilty, which keeps the aggression going and in good fashion as this has more of a feeling of what this whole project is about with what the title says and it’s very enjoyable from what I’m hearing to this point.Horror brings this home with this piano intro and then the guitar that has this evil wicked sound that is spread throughout this whole thing it’s strange sounding eerie as it should be and is something to hear as it sounds like something from what a horror flick would bring to the table and its short and sweet.Spilling Black Signs, of all the tracks to this point this one is really off the wall as the guitar is in its own world and as I listened it was like what the fuck is going on here but it gets heavier as it goes along but like most the tracks on here its very short but to the point and it continues on Force to Eternity as this really has a psychotic feel to it with a killer bass line to open then the madness comes in which is really excellent to be honest.

So the closer Death Crew is about as good as the whole demo as all the elements that were put into the previous tracks are here and this is something you should listen to as it has a bit of everything in it, I mean I came into it with an open mind and had to listen a few times and it’s worth a listen as I want to hear more as this very short but packs some good shit in it.

Horror (Official Video)

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Devil’s Poison – Possessed by Lust and Fire (2018)

Devil’s Poison
Release date:March 18th, 2018
Label:Underground Defenders Productions

Some heavy black speed metal this time up,this band is dirty and mean in the vein of bands like Gehennah,Intoxicate,etc. The band has been around for a few years now,we have five tracks on this EP.

Devil’s Hammer Attack starts this off and it’s basically what you would expect from a band that does this type of metal with cut throat lyrics and chants so if you like this genre of metal this is right up your alley,the title track is next and this one is the one that really tears it up just because the crushing your ass sound is there at full speed,ripping leads and all that good shit.

Things slow down a bit on Black Poison of Death but here the vocals take over as they flow with this crunchy slow riff and near the end it gets furious and a yell that just grabs you,Black Speed Metal Disaster from the title you should know what to expect and hell yeah like a pack of demons coming at you this is attacking at your senses from the start,with catchy hooks on the guitar and all kind of sickness like it should be.No Hay Futuro (There’s no future) closes this out and a more interesting sounding track maybe because it’s sung in spanish but quite a good closer to this.

One thing I noticed from this it’s not your typical two to three minute all out tracks,these have a good length to them that this EP runs about 28 minutes long not bad as you really can’t tell when you’re actually hearing it so there’s plenty of metal on here,so great to see another band playing this type of metal nothing new but good for what it is.

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