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Diabol – Lunatic Abominations (2022)

Release date: March 13th, 2022
Label: Metallian Onslaught Records

Back with a new EP and a better production, if you got into the bands first demo you will like this as well, lots of dirty black/thrash but this has a punk attitude as well, it shows on Lonewolf Rider as this is good but nothing new as other bands have done it before. Noxferatv comes on strong with the bass pounding at the start and it has a good vibe all the way through.

Sangre en el tridente, to this point this is one of the more outstanding tracks on here as its pretty in your face at the start but takes a new turn at the end but I still think it rules, Gargoyles one thing I noticed as they are using English and Spanish in the lyrics and on this one it shows, but this track is kinda weak compared to the previous.

Lunatico, gets us back into a more kick ass groove, there is a blazing lead in here and just more aggression and those backing chants add to the thrill of it. and this next one Sierpe is a bit strange as the way it is sung at thr begining but it picks up a bit and has its own life to it, not bad but out there, Burnout which is a cover of The Carburetors is not what I expected to close this. as the song has a rock n roll feel to it.

This didn’t calculate in my brain as much as the first demo did it has its high and lows. just have to see what comes next.


Speedhammer – On Speed Nights (2022)

Release date: August 21st, 2022
Label: Independent

Well it was a surprise to me when this showed up in my mail, as I remember when this band put out their first demo and then they released Hooded Metal which I could never find and I ridden them off cause nothing new since 2017.

So this is a demo which shows the direction in which the band is on now after all these years, and the band have taken this weird fascination with Japan now as some of the songs lean towards that and even the band photo even shows that.

So lets get into this, Speedhammer Arrives in Tokio yes the cities name is spelled like that on here and it’s one of the better tracks on here as the lyrics come in well, the band consider themselves as Obscure and Alcoholic Evil Speed Metal these days and from this track it sure sounds like it, but to be honest other bands on the scene have covered this well while these guys were on hiatus.

Grand Dragon is a pretty generic track has a good vibe to it but this next one The Tengu Demon is where the Japanese stuff comes in as a spoken part starts it off then they procide to sing in that language but the chorus in English “Die… by… the sword!
Of the tengu demon”
the nusic isn’t bad has some good speed to it. Speed Nights X this one is a bit strange as it has great lyrics but the nusic doesn’t rise to the occasion till the end, Die in Fire is a lovely love song in which they can only manage and to close Biermaniac which is recorded live, and this version sounds a bit better than the studio version.

Like I said at the start nothing new but I will keep following them, they have a preview track from their up coming full release on their Bandcamp and the production sounds quite well so something to look forward to.

Sign of Evil – Psychodelic Death (2022)

Sign of Evil
Release date: May 20th, 2022
Label: Edged Circle Productions

Hell, yes this is one I been waiting on the first full length from the one-man project from, Camilo Pierattini aka Witchfucker (Dekapited, Invocation Spells) and if you got into the demo from a couple of years ago this is even better as the production brings new life to the whole thing.

Bad Trip opens this up and a video was released awhile back so those who follow should know what to expect, but on to The Consequence of Your Actions and this being like a new one and the rest of the album as well as no tracks from the past are issued here but this one has great intensity the vocal effects add to the macabre sound that the band is known for, even the piano at the end should please the listener.

Psychodelic Death the title track is pretty hate filled as you can tell by the vocal content which stands out more than anything and then fades into Serpent Poison and with this heavy bass line at the start, this track will grab you its very catchy, only thing its short as near the end that piano as before comes in which I have no problem with as it goes directly into When the Day Arrives. this comes right at you full tilt pounding on the drums, heavy shit but ends quick as I noticed he likes to add some kind of intro to the next track coming up at this point. Anonymous is short and simple and as I noticed this has 13 tracks in full but they are all short so be prepared for the onslaught comes quick.

And that being almost a bit over the halfway point, I will say the rest still has the power that was felt in the beginning and even more chaotic at times as there are some chaotic riffs spewed all over this. and the title fits this well as you will be taken on a ride that will explode your mind.

A solid release from top to bottom definitely give this a listen.


Poltergeist – Proclamacion (2022)

Release date: March 8th, 2022
Label: Independent

This Black/Speed Metal trio has been on a roll this year as they even got a DVD out as well, but this is on their latest EP from the studio.

Five tracks of blistering metal as the opener Mefisto shows, rapid fire speed comes straight forward with some lead that grabs you and an instrumental as well that leads us into Expulsión de la santidad, and here we get a taste of the vocals, and they are just right, but it gets better as the lyrics are up there and fit the character of the track perfectly and some tasty guitar licks as well.

Velocidad sobre el altar, a bit different on the pace here but the lyrics are what is best here, like a flaming spear through the false ones out there, the only track off here that didn’t make on the DVD and the reason probably shows compared to their other material.

Persecución maligna gets us back into their heavier paced attack and this up there with what we had before with a slight tempo change even adds more to the track but it stays at this pace till the end, not bad. As we close out with
Witch Hunt (Onslaught cover) which being a fan of those early Onslaught records, this cover is faster and its a hit or miss to be honest cause for me the original will never be topped.

This is good stuff and wait to hear what is in the future for from them, so check it out.


In Nomine / Devil’s Poison – Acid Love…Acid Fuck…Acid Rock n Roll! / Venenum Diaboli (2021)

In Nomine / Devil’s Poison
Release date: December 26th, 2021
Label: Street Metal Blasphemy

A serious split from these two hordes of chaos, both consisting of speed metal with a little black as well.

Devil’s Poison opens this up and most the material they have on here consist of some of the singles they have put out lately and in good fashion, if you follow the band this is a worthy release and both bands swap covers of each other.

In Nomine, has a little more to add to the release as the band states this is the new direction they are taking, and it showed a bit on their last album but on these tracks, they really come out at you.

A great split as both bands show what they have to deliver, and Devil’s Poison have a new one coming out later this year so be prepared.

In Nomine
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Devil’s Poison
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In Nomine – Hijos de la Tempestad (2021)

In Nomine
Released: April 23, 2021
Label: Rawforce Productions

And we have the bands second full length and only the way the band can deliver its hard driving sound but there is more on here as there are many styles delivered on these tracks as the opener Paz suicida is a hard driving number that has a more traditional speed metal sound to it and a gripping lead that will grab you.

But it gets even heavier on the title track Hijos de la tempestad, here the band comes roaring out at full force and the message comes through just right and the bass on here really has a shine, this is one of the top tracks on here when it comes to drilling effect, and a more old school feel comes on Los confines del mundo and here the vocals really stand out and it basically how this whole album plays out lots of different tempos that I really like and some very deep lyrical content that kept this whole album interesting to my mind.

This is a superb release, if your a new or old fan of the band this should please you as it has a bit of everything on here and its a lengthy release at 51 min so there is plenty of good vibes on here ripping leads are played all over this opus, A great follow up to the last release and this has been spinning a lot on my player these days.

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Demonized Priest – Necromantic Rituals (2021)

Demonized Priest
Release date: April 22nd, 2021
Label: Satanath Records

Some Black Speed Metal from San Antonio, Valparaíso and this being the bands first full length and was surprised it was released on a Russian label so I had to give this a listen.

Nice opening with some satanic words and then Within the Pentagram comes in and you know what this band is going to pound into your brain and it gets good as the vocals are right there in your face with some powerful yells from hell and the music simply crushes some killer leads that made this an excellent opener, as Collector of Corpses and Souls comes in you can basically get the feeling on what kind of lyrical content is coming off here and it really stands out here, the track is pretty brutal as it goes, heavy shit for the taken.

…of Blood and Chaos, I’m digging these yells as they are being offered here and this is a satanic delight as the hate bleeds out on here, very crunchy riffage rages on here as well, total chaos for the wicked as we go into Witch’s Unholy Creations, and the sickness continues as this is keeps the vibe of the album going on its way to hell, an excellent drive with a tasty lead that rips you.

Serpent’s Rites, holy shit! now here we take it a step beyond, the opening is amazing and then it has this dark grabbing feel to it, pure evil is the only way to describe it and some spoken part put in adds to the ritual and gets heavy as fuck in closing this piece, The Altar and hell here is another headbasher for you, more of what has been offered and all in a good cause.

To this killer instrumental Sexto infierno (Invocación), this grabbed me on the first take and it really got interesting as they through in this demonic talking in the end, real good shit! as it goes straight into Horns Above the Sky and is an amazing track to close this out, as it has a drive to take you down the path and even with a break this has that punch the band has delivered on this whole thing.

In closing I highly recommend this if blasphemy and speed is your thing, the vocals of Baal, the Unhuman took this to another level, he comes in crystal clear on here, great job!

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Hexen Hammer – Destructo Máxima (2021)

Hexen Hammer
Release date: April 7th, 2021
Label: Independent

The three headed monster known as Hexen Hammer is back with a new EP of five tracks of Blackened Speed/Thrash Metal and if you got into the 2019 release this is right up there.

Anti Spiritual Belief opens this fucker up and no fucking around here the boys are out to kick your ass, good fast shit the way I expected from them a solid instrumental that goes right into the title track Destructo Máxima and this shit is what I expected fucking in for the kill, madness the band is back to kill this is impressive and then things calm down on Trauma but in a good way as this gets better as it goes and the chorus of Trauma adds to the track and the flow as it goes even made this better with some killer lead thrown in, a bit different but still solid.

Vomito en tu tumba and with a title like that I had a feeling this would be a crusher and yes it is the band is off here, total speed freak-out as it should be, crushing riffs to smash your ass as we go to Morir es morir to end this and it has a real insane vibe to it as its different but still a solid number with a gritty punch to it.

For me I hope the band gets more exposure as these guys have the balls to put a kick into what you would call a scene but the underground is where this band lives at the moment hope the masses catch on soon.

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Hell Possession – Phantom Aggressor (2020)

Hell Possession
Release date: October 31st, 2020
Label: Independent

Was surprised when the news came that Hell Possession was back after a few years of not being on the map, but the way this has been promoted sounded like they were out to destroy even more now with a new line up.

This just being a two track single with an intro, as we go into Poltergeist, and with heavy bass line to start but then right into a frenzy of madness as this is out to take no prisoners, heavy pounding drums with lightning guitar riffs and blazing leads, a very impressive track with all the elements required.

For me Lord of Hate is the track that stands out more as it comes at you at full force, this is a beat down in the most positive way, a total shredder! a meek break where you can hear the pounding bass then roars back with some great leads, solid stuff.

So now we just have to wait for the full length as this has my approval.

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Hexen Hammer – Hexen Hammer (2019)

Hexen Hammer
Release date: March 11th, 2019
Label: Independent

I been wanting to do a review for this band for awhile now as they have a sound that reminds me of dirty bands like Gehennah, Intoxicate, Chainsaw etc. But with their own twisted feel to it as they are Blackened Speed/Thrash Metal and this EP has some heavy duty skull crushing shit on it.

Six tracks on this EP and it opens up with some slut being pounded on the title track Hexen Hammer as the intro but done quick as the track comes in and as soon as you hear it you know what to expect from the band as it goes along, it has that feeling I mentioned at the start but midway through it really turns it up a notch as it gets fucking heavy as fuck and it comes down back to its original heaviness but its a great opener to this.

The next track Nos comeremos a sus niños is something the band had previously released and here it sounds better than the demo version a sick crushing track as it simply pounds and just a reminder the vocals are sick just perfect and the added lead on here makes this even better so be prepared as it ends and goes right into Manifestación de odio, and here there is no letting up as these maniacs are out to slaughter your ass with a bit more flare here, and the drums really standout here pure kill! and the lead oh my what a delight, this one will have your blood flowing no doubt.

Siete plagas has no letting down either as it has some killer crunchy riffing installed in here that will keep the listener tuned in and again it has some ripping leads that really made the highlight of this one and now Retardofilia and this one just comes straight out to annihilate you straight out onslaught on your ass, no fucking around on this one as everything on here is in for the kill! one of the best tracks on here with out a doubt.

As we near the end Supremacía carnivora comes in and again the band has no letting down, the speed on the guitar just blows me away as this has a superb drive to it, even with the midway break down this one is up there as one of the best.

So now to the closer Larvas and yeah a great way to end this EP as you can hear everybody is going off at full tilt, the band knew how to organize the track list for sure as this was a great closer.

I definitely recommend checking this out as this band does what they do in the best way imaginable, they have physical copies so contact them on Facebook.

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