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Thë Hammër’s – The Art of Battle and War (2021)

Thë Hammër’s
Release date: April 24th, 2021
Label: Independent

A new Black n Roll three piece out Santiago, this being the bands first demo I had to check this out, three tracks on here.

With the Intro that has this roaring bass tone to it and then the dark yells that accompany it this started like something I might enjoy as its got a crunchy hard drive to it that will grab you and then it goes directly into Thë Hammër’s Hate which shows a more harder edge as here is what I was hoping to hear as the vocals are quite suited, nothing that you can’t understand but fill the moment perfectly, a really blasphemous track that hits the nail with a lot of drive but with a break near the end I noticed one thing in the production the guitar could of been louder but its the first demo so next time, I guess.

The Assassin, the closer is another crusher as here the vocal trades standout and add to the track and it does get heavier as it goes, this pretty much shows the potential the band has, I personally enjoyed this as it got better with each play.

I would give them a listen as it has that old school vibe no doubt, hope to hear more in the coming future.

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Diabölica – Under the Spell of Fire (2020)

Release date: Aug 18, 2020
Label: Hydra Arrows Recs

The first demo from this Black Rock n’ Roll band, four tracks of filthy, nasty metal.

And from the opening track Nightmare this reminded me of Steelpreacher (Ger) only by the music as this is more different when it comes to the lyrical content but it gave me a sense of what was to come, as this might be something you might want to get into.

The title track is just in the same vein but here the guitar lead really rides through the track and the vocals are quite listenable as well and more of a feeling on here as well.

Bloodthirsty, well here things pick up as a very hard driving opens this up and more of a faster tempo to it and with a killer hook near the end that really made this track standout as one of the highlights on here, and goes right into Burning lives at midnight and more on the aggressive side as well, as everything the band has shown through out the demo is here with even more depth to it.

The tasty leads on here is what caught my ear the most, they made it more enjoyable, the band fits in well for this genre and this only being the first demo so hopefully they come out with more.

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