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Perversor – Umbravorous (2018)

Release date:November 1st, 2018

Perversor is back with their third full length and I was pretty much shocked when I heard of this release coming out from the flyer that was going around saying it was coming out soon but they put the digital version out just a few days later.

So this is what you would expect from these veterans of the scene,no fucking around here as they go at from the beginning with no mercy as Deadly Poison and Black Fire grabs you by the balls as soon as you hear it, one thing I noticed on here is that the production is excellent! and that was one of the things that bothered me from their last full length but here they have nailed it to perfection.

I won’t go into every track on here as they all stand out but tracks like Formidable Destino, Merchant Of Spirits and the closer D.M.T which is my personal favorite on here, just because it has this punishing sound to it that gets your blood flowing.

If your into Perversor you will love this even to new comers of the band this is a good release to get you into the band.The vinyl and cd version is coming out on Pulverised Records from what the band mentions but no date has been announced.

Hellbutcher – Hellbutcher (2018)

Release date:October 19th, 2018
Label:Dark Recollections Productions

So the long awaited full length by this band has finally surfaced and it’s a good one no doubt as we get all the tracks from the 2016 Condemnatus Tormentum demo release are featured here as well rerecorded and sound even better.

It starts out with Bastardos de la Virtud which is a new track and I love how the intro has this eerie sound to the opening riff as it blends in before we go straight into this chaos and you can tell it’s the band because of its signature sound and it’s just very catchy all around as there is plenty of mayhem being cast out through this whole track, as we get into another new track Ritual de Profanación, I will say this whole album is sung in spanish but it really doesn’t matter as these tracks are really something to hear, right to the point as this one starts a bit slower but just for a bit as it starts to drive very quick and crushes in its glory.

Speed Death the instrumental on here sounds as good as ever, the production is really good on this as you can hear all the instruments ablazing as we blend into another new number, Fuerzas malditas and more of the same good shit on here as well but with a bit more aggression than the previous, just like the way the riffs are like a flowing force as this never gets boring just the way these compositions are written, they have their ups and downs but all just kill!

There are two keyboard instrumentals on here Lingua mortis and Condemnatus tormentum done by Brazilian Leandro Kastiphas former vocalist of Mystifier that add more feeling to the album.Nekrovulva, when I first heard it sounded like the band had taken a slower pace but just for a bit as it shreds as well the guitars on here really go off, some really good shit.

The next three tracks are all from 2016 demo and like I mentioned before all sound better on here so it’s a pleasure to hear them again,La cumbre del caos is actually the last track on here by the band and yes of all this one has a way different feel but still some great vibe to it, it closes out with an instrumental and then a Impurity cover Canonical Destruction which does the original justice.

This is a killer release from the band and is highly recommended not a dull moment through the whole thing, one thing though for those wanting to get a physical copy you should get in contact with the band as I posted earlier about this and Dark Recollections Productions from Mexico was to issue this but I have no clue what’s going on with that so the band released it in digital form but copies are available in Chile as far as I know.

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Invocation – The Mastery of the Unseen (2018)

Release date:September 17th, 2018
Label:Iron Bonehead Productions

This has been out for awhile now since writing this and actually when I saw the tracks I remembered I have heard them before as they were on a promo tape the band released a while back so it was nothing really that new but for the rest of the world it was.

These two tracks are in the same crushing direction the band has been going, some pleasurable Black/Death Metal with that signature sound they have been unleashing since their start. Sense of Premonition (vocals,guitar) really stands out on both tracks and those demonic growls of his really bring more life to the music.

This is a good small fix for fans of the band, let’s just see what comes next.

There’s no light, only pure hypnotic darkness!!

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Corpsehammer – Perversión (2018)

Release date:April 13th, 2018
Label:Morbid Skull Records

This trio is consist of a Chilean vocalist and two Swedes if I’m not mistaken but just like Temple Below I featured them on here because it’s some good Black/Death Metal, even the songs are sung in spanish/english.the band has two earlier EP’s and this latest one picks up were the last one left off.

Three tracks of hellish blasphemy in the old school vein no doubt, Reino / Sangre Del Diablo is a great starter as the opening spoken part breaks into the second part of the song and there you get what the band has to offer but the next track Rito & Magia is the one that got me best all forces at full speed and the vocals of Midnight Horror are really something else very powerful with that gut feeling to them, same goes on Sexo & Muerte which ends this as an outro takes us away.

I’m ready to hear a full lp from these guys, this is some good filthy shit worth checking out.

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Martillo Austral – Origin (2017)

Martillo Austral
Release date:November 30th, 2017
Label:Via Nocturna

Released late last year and I was totally shocked they had this out, as there was no promotion for this on a high level, so a Polish label released it which is great! but before I go on I want to say this, the band is not NSBM like some would consider as the band contacted me when I put their first demo up on my channel and people started commenting shit that they were a nazi band which is all bullshit.

I don’t really care if they were because good music needs to be heard.

From the start I heard the production on this and what a delight to the ears as everything stands out, Self-eater grabs you from the instant as everything just grabs you, the vocals are your typical black metal vocals but they come through very strong as the english is superb something you wouldn’t expect from a Chilean band.

There is so much variation in the tracks is what makes this such a joy to listen to as through the whole release you get different sounds, the riffing is pure BM that you will enjoy and not that total blast beat here as you get slow parts in some of the tracks but pure headbanging delite.

The Origin, the title track pretty much rounds up this release but fuck man this shit grabs you, it’s a pure joy to my ears, as there is so much character to these tracks, oh and that bass guitar has never sounded better it brings so much life to this whole thing, a pure delight!

A very impacting release as you get everything on here pounding riffs and some heavy slow parts that don’t disappoint, i would give this a listen as it delivers in it’s own special way!

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Invocation – Live 15/9/2018 (Ceremony of the Black Flame) Santiago,Chile

Here is a great soundboard gig by the band but there is a story behind this as the venue that does live feeds (FAQ Record) only let the first night of this happen as the promoter never paid the venue so they cancelled the next night which pissed everybody off I could imagine.

So I watched this live and it was a great night of Metal no doubt and I figured I would record the best sets the next day and takeout all the lame shit they throw in during band breaks. so I grabbed this first and when I went back the video was taken down and I sent this to the band and once they posted it one of the members of Funeralis contacted me asking if I had their set and unfortunately I had to tell him no, sucks because they were the next band I was going to get as they really impressed be with their live set.

One thing that I noticed watching this is the crowd and I figured this would of been packed but it wasn’t, I been to this venue and have seen it packed so it really made me wonder if there was some other gig happening that night as people tell me that this is what happens in Santiago offen and like other scenes people just don’t support the local bands, which truly is sad because this bill was something else.

Ouija (Mystifying Oracle)
“New Song”
The Spirit Trumpet
Devout Effusions

Devotion – Far Beyond All Light (2018)

Release date: January 14th, 2018
Label: Old Rites Records / Mouth Of Madness Prds. (Tape)

I was stil listening regularly to Devotion‘s debut album (reviewed here) when all of the sudden and without any warning the band published their newest material, entitled Far Beyond All Light on their Bandcamp page. Needless to say that I went to check it out and I must say that the band didn’t dissapoint.

The first thing that you will probably notice after listening to this (or the previous album) is the notorious Dissection influence, and maybe even a little bit of Necrophobic (Darkside era) as well. But fortunately, Devotion does not fall into the “Dissection clone” category, mostly because they add a lot of the classic southamerican filthness and savagery to their compositions.

Something that really caught my attention on the previous album, and that is also present here, is the riffing. Devotion seems to have quite a unique talent to produce simple, powerful and catchy riffs that get immediately stuck in your head. Sometimes with a really cold Black Metal vibe (Below the Fiery Coven for example) and sometimes with an approach closer to the most savage Thrash Metal (Wolves of Nowhere). Also, they make a great use of clean guitars to create very some melodic yet eerie atmospheres. The drumming is fast, chaotic and relentless, the bass is not spectacular but adds that necessary dose of heavyness that every good Black Metal album needs, and the vocals resonate with murkiness spitting abhorrence to the light.

The album is composed of only 7 songs and 32 minutes of music. A little bit short for my taste, but like they say, it’s all killer, no filler. The standouts for me are Below the Fiery Coven, Deep Winter’s Suffering and the title track. At the moment the album is available on both tape and digital format, pending for the CD release, so if you are looking for some filthy southamerican Black Metal then go get a copy of this.

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Far Beyond All Light by Devotion

Wrathprayer / Force of Darkness – The Wrath of Darkness (2017)

Wrathprayer / Force of Darkness
Release date: October 16th, 2017
Label: Nuclear War Now!

Usually, a split work as a cheap way for a label to promote 2 new bands that only have a few songs at the moment. But in this case with two bands that have been established as important underground acts for a long time, the approach is different. The Wrath of Darkness is not a regular split, but a colaborative effort between two entities who joined forces to unleash their wrath and spread darkness.

Wrathprayer‘s contribution to this record are the intro and two songs of dense, chaotic and unbridled savagery. Both Tria Serpentis and De Profundis… showcase the band’s approach to bestial Black/Death Metal at it’s finest. To my ears, De Profundis… is the stand out song of the whole album because of it’s intensity, variety and excellent vocals.

On the other hand, Force of Darkness have been hailing darkness since almost the dawn of the new millenium, and their relentless mixture of Black and Speed Metal is well known among underground maniacs around the globe. The 3 songs + outro featured in this album show the work of a mature band, with a very defined sound that will inmediatelly remind you of their previous works, more precisally, the self titled debut from ’06 and a few winks to the material from the ReHELLsal tapes.

Nuclear War Now! did a great job (as usual) with both the CD and LP editions of this album. I really like the minimalistic approach on the booklet of the CD version, with a clear tipography and individual illustrations for each song (I really hate those booklets full of stupid gothic type fonts that you can barely read).

To sum things up, this is a very solid release, the music may not be especially original, but both bands know very well what they are doing, and their execution is top notch.

Wrath of Darkness by Wrathprayer / Force of Darkness

Intenebras – Primi Quatridui Mysterium (2017)

Releae date: December 10th, 2017
Ancestral Terror Records

3 years after the release of their first full length, the savage Occultum Regnum Et Umbras, finally we have some new material from this killer Black/Thrash Metal act from Santiago. The band suffered quite a big change with the departure of Mortal Sorceress and the entrance of SS Mort, who took care of both the bass and vocal duties.

As one can expect, a change of vocalist is always a crucial moment in the life of a band, more so in this case when they switch from a female to a male vocalist, but I can say with absolute certainty that the change was for the better. Not that Mortal Sorceress did a bad job (far from it), but the new vocal style, which is darker and more “controlled”, added a new dimension to the band’s compositions.

But to me what really stands out about Intenebras is the superb guitar work of Ma’hai Jippen, which is both catchy and aggressive, and the savage and relentless drumming of Sinn Hayek. Both of them are in charge of the songwriting, and let me tell you, this people really know what they are doing. Every song is very carefully crafted, nothing is left to chance. The album grabs you from the very beginning, but it’s true beauty lies on the little details that you will discover with every new listen. The drum patterns, the riffs, the pace changes, the deep and dark growlings of SS Mort, every element fits perfectly with each other.

This EP contains 4 original songs and a cover of Tiamat’s I Am the King from The Astral Sleep (very well done by the way). The lyrics are in spanish, mixed with a few verses in latin (as well as the track titles). Needless to say that this is absolutely recommended.

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Chilean Fanzines From The 80’s – 90’s


Estos son algunos de los fanzines de los gloriosos años pasados, simplemente haga clic en la portada del zine para descargar, si alguno de los enlaces está inactivo, hágamelo saber y si alguien tiene algo que agregar a esta lista, simplemente envíe un mensaje. Saludos!

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